Build Target and Min SDK version in Android

While creating an android project if i say that the Build Target of my Android porject is 2.2 (API Level is picked as 8) and in the text box for Min SDK version. If i put some value apart from the API level (smaller or greater than 8) of the build target then what happens?

Does the build happen according to the build target specified, but the application developed is compatible with the smaller android versions (if i specify API level < 8 ). Or the application developed is only compatible for the higher android version (if i specify API level > 8 ).

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    Say you set the manifest API level to 4, then the app will work on any api 4 device provided. BUT the project will be built to API level 8 so if you have any post-level 4 api methods in your code then the app will crash.

    There is a similiar question already posted with an excellent answer:

    Read the post by Steve H.

    Android Min SDK Version vs. Target SDK Version

    You can only put min SDK version less than your target version,it tell that your application can support to that min SDK version,but you should confirm that your application should run under min SDK version supported devices since the Build target versions may use new APIs which are available for that specific version and those APIs may not available in min SDK versions

    ok.. if you have developed an application using particular sdk for instance Android 2.2 and your minSDKversion is < 8 then application is falsely declaring to android system that It can be installed in Android device having sdk version less than Android 2.2. In that case if application happens to install on Android 2.1 and if you re using API that are exculsiviely avaialbe in Android 2.2 platform and not on Android 2.1 then your application will crash on the device. if your minsdkversion > 8 then application won’t get installed on the device having Android sdk 2.2 or lower version

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