Bind service to FragmentActivity or Fragment?

Is it better to bind service to FragmentActivity:

bindService(Intent, ServiceConnection, int);

or to Fragment:

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  • getActivity().bindService(Intent, ServiceConnection, int);

    What is better practice?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Bind service to FragmentActivity or Fragment?”

    Is it better to bind service to FragmentActivity… or to Fragment

    They are the same as you have them written here. getActivity() is not a Fragment — it is a method that returns the Activity. You cannot call bindService() on a Fragment.

    What is better practice?

    Neither. Bind to the Application object, obtained via getApplicationContext(), with the ServiceConnection managed by (or perhaps actually being) a retained Fragment.

    The reason is configuration changes. A binding is state. You need to maintain that state across configuration changes. While a retained Fragment can hold onto the ServiceConnection, there is an implicit tie in the system between the ServiceConnection and the Context that registered it for a binding. Since activities can be destroyed and recreated on configuration changes, the Activity is not a good choice of Context here. Application, which is system-global, is a safer choice, and one of the few places where choosing Application over another Context is a wise move IMHO.

    Here is a blog post of mine, from a time before fragments, that gets into this a bit more. Here is a sample project demonstrating the technique.

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