Appending a TextView

I have an app which at current will on the press of a button eg. the number 1 button change a text view to have the number 1 in it. What i need to do is append the view so that say when the number 3 is pressed the text view will say 13 instea of just 3. Here is the switch statement i’m using to handle the button presses.

public void onClick(View c) {

    switch (c.getId()) 
            TextView prs1 = (TextView) findViewById(;



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  • 3 Solutions collect form web for “Appending a TextView”

    Use the TextView.append() method.

    Possibly try doing this:

    prs1.setText(prs1.getText() + "1");

    Edit: Sorry I just realized you wanted it to say “13”

    So you would want to do this:

    String text = prs1.getText();
    prs1.setText("1" + text);

    “when the screen first comes up there is a ? in the text view, then when i press the 1 button i want the text view to be 1 then when i press 3 it would need to be 13.”:

    Do this then:

    String text = prs1.getText();
                text = text.replace("?", "");
        prs1.setText("1" + text);

    You can use append() method of textView and the difference between setText and append can be found here. If you make the following changes I think the code would work as expected.

    TextView prs1 = (TextView) findViewById(;
    public void onClick(View c){
        switch (c.getId()) 
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