AppCompatButton backgroundTint API < 21

I want to use ripple effects on Buttons. AppCompat v22.1 added AppCompatButton and new functionalities to AppCompat tinting.

My Layout:

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            android:text="Remove" />

    On my API 22 test device the ripple effect works perfectly, but i’m coding for API 11 and unfortunately backgroundTint needs API >= 21. How can i set the ripple effect to Buttons on older API versions?

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    Just use app:backgroundTint instead of android:backgroundTint, the tint will take effect below Lollipop. The reason is AppCompatActivity AppCompatDelegateImplV7 use AppCompatViewInflater to auto change Button or TextView to AppCompatButton or AppCompatTextView, then app:backgroundTint take effect.

    enter image description here

    In my project I used it, it worked.

    Ripples are not available as a build in functionality on Android <21. This is due to performance issues: devices with the new API can use the RenderThread which is not available to older devices.
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    Why are there no ripples on pre-Lollipop?
    A lot of what allows RippleDrawable to run smoothly is Android 5.0’s new RenderThread. To optimize for performance on previous versions of Android, we’ve left RippleDrawable out for now.

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