AndroidStudio SDK directory does not exists

I am using Android Studio for a project on SVN (usually on Windows PCs).

Lately I want to run this on a Mac, it keep giving the below error:

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  • Error:The SDK directory ‘/Users/AhmadMusa/Desktop/[PROJECT PATH]/D:\Android\sdk‘ does not exist.
    Please fix the ‘sdk.dir’ property in the file.

    I already put the SDK on file as:


    I don’t know why it keep adding the (D:\Android\sdk) automatically, this is my Windows PC SDK directory, but why it is here now! nothing on code mention any D:\Android\sdk.

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  • 6 Solutions collect form web for “AndroidStudio SDK directory does not exists”

    You cannot edit it is a generated file, right click your project and select ‘Open Module Settings’ under SDK Location put your location for your SDK.

    paste in /Users/AhmadMusa/Library/Android/sdk

    Clean and rebuild your project


    Try to delete your file and create a new one, but do not check it into version control.

    Right click top level of project and Create new file ‘’
    then add: sdk.dir=/Users/AhmadMusa/Library/Android/sdk

    Clean and build

    From Android Studio 1.0.1

    Go to

    File -> project Structure into Project Structure
    Left -> SDK Location
    SDK location select Android SDK location (old version use Press +, add another sdk)
    Change the sdk path to /Users/AhmadMusa/Library/Android/sdk

    This is a problem when you open the project incorrectly. open the project do not import the project

    I think you should go to:

    File ->Project Structure->SDK Location->

    there select your sdk location.

    Checkout your SDK manager in Android studio, if you have partially installed sdk. Install SDK completely and try running your code.

    Just open your file

    if your project is used in mac before, so the sdk path will be something like

    Now if you are trying to use that in windows so just edit and put your sdk location:

    Just clean and build. See it works!!!

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