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Android webview cannot render youtube video embedded via iframe

This is about loading youtube videos using latest embedded format (iframe) inside a webview. Example of the iframe embed format <iframe width=”637″ height=”358″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/olC42gO-Ln4?fs=1&amp;feature=oembed” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=””></iframe> Test the code on Android 2.3.3 & 3.2 devices (HTC Desire & Asus Transformer), the webview would only show a black rectangle. I tried a similar embed from vimeo […]

Sencha Touch 2 android performance

I am hearing that sencha in general, by the mere fact of using javascript, has performance issues on android devices. I am familiar with limitations of the android webview object, but I was wondering if these performance claims have any merit, especially with Sencha Touch 2 being out Although I don’t have a lower end […]

WebView and localhost

I am getting google.com inside my WebView, but am not getting my localhost in that. Can anybody help me?

How to resize a android webview after adding data in it

In a layout (linear, vertical) hierarchy I’ve got several view and one of them is a WebView. They all have same parameters: android:layout_width=”fill_parent” android:layout_height=”wrap_content” For all views the spacing between element is correctly handled but for the Webview there is a lot of spaces after the displayed text inside. I set the (html) text of […]

inject CSS to a site with webview in android

For example I want to change the background-color of www.google.comto red. I have used webview, and my style.cssfile is in assest folder. I want to inject this style.css file to www.google.com. What is wrong with my codes? Please write the correct codes for me. Thanks. My MainActitviy.java file : package com.example.mysina; import android.support.v7.app.ActionBarActivity; import android.os.Bundle; […]

Android App using Webview/javascript. what can be security concern?

I am creating an android web app using Webview and Javascript making addJavascriptInterface(true). My App will content data(html) that will be loaded from an external site. I worried about the cross-site-scripting XSS/security of my app as I am enabling addJavascriptInterface(true). What are the things I should be taking care so that any malicious code should […]

Disabling autosuggestion on WebView?

I have some HTML text inputs into a WebView, and I need to disable the autosuggetions on these inputs from Android, not from HTML (autocomplete=off). How can I do this?

Does android webview browsers support html5 features?

I have HTML5 based web application i want it to integrate with WebView ,So does android webview browsers support html5 features?

programmatic click in Android WebView

Good afternoon! I have a website with href in it which redirected me to https <a id=”mA” href=”javascript:pLogin(2)” class=”login-link__link private-cab-link”><i class=”icon-user”></i>Авторизация</a> So, I can click on it by javascript. It works in chrome console javascript:(function(){document.getElementById(‘mA’).click();})() Now I’m trying to do the same in WebView by clicking my app’s button. public class RostelecomLoginActivity extends Activity { […]

Android webView saveState

I have a tabhost with 3 tabs. In each of these tabs there is a webiview. When i click a tab the webview need to “reload” even when i have been there before, it have not been saved. Is there any way to save the webview ?

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