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WebView is not filling the whole screen of device or emulator

I am developing an android application which loads a web application when started. To achieve the purpose I am using webview control. I want my webview to be displayed full screen so that it will give native feel to the users. I tried all the methods to display webthview full screen but nothing is working. […]

Read Keyboard events in Android WebView

I’m trying to listen to key events in android web view. Example when user is filling a form, I should receive the key events. This is my WebView code public class MyWebView extends WebView implements OnKeyListener { ….. @Override public boolean onKeyDown(int keyCode, KeyEvent event) { Log.i(“PcWebView”, “onKeyDown keyCode=” + keyCode); return super.onKeyDown(keyCode, event); } […]

How to pass JSON-formatted data from a WebView to a HTML page

I am trying to pass JSON-formatted data from my Android WebView to a HTML page. However, the app crashes whenever I try to parse the original JSON data, which I am expecting to be of the format {“key”:”data”} The aim of my app will be to interpret this JSON data, form it into an array […]

webview.loadUrl(“about:blank”) issue

In my application I have a webview in which initially I load any website, say www.google.com. Later on a button click I want to clear this webview, for which I do webview.loadUrl(“about:blank”); But doing this does not clear my webview, it continues to display google.com I tried to re initialize the webview as webview = […]

How do I keep my Cordova app full-screen when opening the Android keyboard?

I’ve created a Cordova app and I’m testing it on a Nexus 4. I’ve used the basic steps listed in the Cordova CLI workflow to get up and running. I’ve also modified my config.xml with this: <preference name=”Fullscreen” value=”true” /> My app runs full-screen as expected. As soon as I click on an input field […]

Clicks Does Not Working in WebView

I have a webview in my android app. I have loaded the url: https://imsnsit.org/imsnsit/notifications.php There are links to various notifications. My WebView is doing nothing when I click on them. It is working on everything else – Chrome (Android), Chrome(Desktop). The links are fine. One thing I notice notifications have the href with PHP file. […]

Webview doesnt show Æ Ø Å properly

I have some content on a webpage which contains æ ø å, but my webview cant show them properly. Does anyone know what the problem might be ?

Android webview SKIPS javascript even with setJavascriptEnabled(true) and WebChromeClient

(using Samsung Galaxy Tab and Android 3.0, this is intended to work on every 3.0+ tablet, like it does in their browsers, just not webview) I have a page with CSS and jQuery that loads fine in browsers, android browsers and iOS devices, but android webview refuses to load it consistently. I’ve narrowed down the […]

How to make my project compatible with different sdk versions while using features for an specific version

I’m developing a project that uses a Flash video within a webview. I solved all my problems regarding to code, but only worked below Honeycomb. Reading this I found out how to solve the problems for Android 3.0 and later (including ICS), but now it’s the big question… If I make my project compatible with […]

Is there a path similar to file:///android_asset/ that points to the apps directory?

I’m using a WebView to open some files saved to the app. Is there a way to link to the app’s directory where files saved at runtime would be, in a similar way that file:///android_asset/ does? By link I mean loadUrl( *path* ) and also in the HTML markup of the file being opened <img […]

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