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Authenticating Dropbox leaves open Browser

I’m trying to have my App upload a file on Dropbox and I downloaded their DBRoulette test program but I found also there the strange behavior I’m now gonna explain Basically once you push the button for authenticating the App and authorize it to link with your Dropbox there’s a command the library provides which […]

How to allow copy and paste from an ionic webview?

I am using ionic and cordova to build a hybrid application. However, I can’t copy text from any of my webviews. From my Android phone or from the browser, copying text does not work. Selecting text and dragging the pointer does nothing. This occurs for instance with the basic app generated by ionic start myApp […]

WebView with SSL Client Certificate on Android 4 ICS

I have a problem with the native WebView on Android. I need to authenticate with a site using a SSL Client Certificate. The Android WebView doesn’t seem to support this. As a workaround I used a modified version of the WebView: https://github.com/yonekawa/webview-with-client-certificate The modified WebView works by injecting a properly configured SslSocketFactory into the standard […]

Android 7 WebView with wrap_content

I have a WebView with android:layout_height=”wrap_content” inside a ScrollView. Prior to Android 7 this resulted in the WebView resizing to the height of the local html content I set with loadData. On my Nexus 5X with Android 7 though, the WebView height seems to be unreliable, sometimes it only shows parts of the first text […]

WebView getting rid of double tap zoom.

I read many tickets on the topic of Zooming in WebViews and didnt came to an answer for my case. Here´s my setup: I´m using a custom webview with generally these settings: getSettings().setBuiltInZoomControls(false); getSettings().setSupportZoom(false); getSettings().setUseWideViewPort(true); getSettings().setLoadWithOverviewMode(true); Let me note right here that i depend on OverviewMode and as well on WideViewPort to Scale my WebView. […]

JavaScript sometimes doesn't work in android's webview

I put a webview in my application to visit a webpage which includes some javascript functions, my purpose is when users click a link in the webpage, it will start a new activity in the application. I’ve written “webSettings.setJavaScriptEnabled(true);” in my source codes. It works well in most of the time, however sometimes it doesn’t […]

android webview keyboard doesn't appear for long time to input values

I have an Android 3.0 App with a WebView inside. The webview opens an website which uses java script. Opening the Website works fine. But whenever I click on a TextField, the keyboard doesn’t appear. I’ve already tried: Tapping form field in WebView does not show soft keyboard but no success. The keyboard seems to […]

HTC One X – Webview becomes white/empty after touch

I’ve an Android application which has text box for search, some buttons, webviews (1 visible 2 invisible) and an admob adview. the app just searches on some special sites and it works great on emulator, samsung galaxy devices. but I’ve issues with HTC One X (don’t know about other HTC models). The problem is, when […]

AdView slows down whole app, possible reason

I have WebView + ListView and AdView below of screen. WebView or ListView works terrible laggy on older devices (4.0-4.3 Android) until AdView gets loaded, then it works very smoothly. Logcat shows that AdMob try to load something incredibly often with no success until.. success and then app is smooth. May it be a reason? […]

How get webview scale in Android 4

WebView.getScale() is deprecated (but still usable) The recommended way to get scale for webview is to use WebViewClient.onScaleChanged() http://developer.android.com/reference/android/webkit/WebViewClient.html#onScaleChanged(android.webkit.WebView, float, float) I’ve added corresponding handler in my custom webview: public class CustomWebView extends WebView { public CustomWebView(Context context) { super(context); setWebViewClient(new WebViewClient() { @Override public void onScaleChanged(WebView view, float oldScale, float newScale) { super.onScaleChanged(view, oldScale, […]

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