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Android Webview: Mailto Unable to Implement

I am Unable to implement mailto link functionality in the custom webview given below. Pls Help me mix these two codes I Am relatively new to android. I don’t know how to implement the mailto Code. Solution on stackoverflow: Mailto Code @Override public boolean shouldOverrideUrlLoading(WebView view, String url) { if(url.startsWith(“mailto:”)){ MailTo mt = MailTo.parse(url); Intent […]

What does “enable DOM storage API” mean?

I came across this Android WebView function WebSettings.setDomStorageEnabled(true) and from the name alone I can infer that it simply “enables DOM storage”. The Android documentation, however, suggests something slightly different: Set whether the DOM storage API is enabled. IOW, it enables the API rather than the storage itself. My problem is… I didn’t know about […]

Android–Webview, Input boxes doubled?

I’m trying to create an Android app that uses a webview to allow users to enter their username/password, but on tapping the input boxes they get doubled (see the picture below). I’m using the iScroll jQuery plugin to allow users to scroll the page up when the keyboard comes up and blocks the input area. […]

How to split up Epub Html into pages according to screen size

First hello to all, it’s my first post on stackoverflow so sorry if I make any mistakes regarding rules and please let me know of it. I’m developing an Android application that reads ebooks (in epub format) and as for now I’m using Paul Siegeman’s epublib library that is really a very good epub reader […]

Show soft keyboard in AlertDialog with a WebView inside (Android)

In my Android app I create an AlertDialog that has a WebView inside. The WebView loads a webpage that requires the user to log in. However, when I click on text fields in the WebView, soft keyboard does not appear. I am aware of the issue in general (Android: Issue 7189); however, in my case […]

Android webview late rendering

I’ve written an app mostly in JS (Mootools) and HTML which is loaded into webview in my app. It’s just one html file which show or hide parts (elements) of the page by adding or removing a nodisplay class: .nodisplay {display:none} function showPage1() { $$(‘.pages’).addClass(‘nodisplay’); $(‘page1’).removeClass(‘nodisplay’); } In android 4 (xperia arc and galaxy note […]

Using navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition in WebView on Android 2.0+ (PhoneGap related)

I’ve been working with PhoneGap and it’s been great, but I’ve run into a problem with getting location on a Verizon Droid w/ 2.0.1 (works as expected on a G1 w/ 1.6). GeoLocation API Support was added to Android in 2.0 (Eclair) and it works in the default browser on a Verizon Droid (on 2.0.1). […]

Render epub files in android

I have a epub file. I need to unzip and parse the epub file and render it in Webview. Is there a step by step tutorial somewhere.

Android WebView incorrectly handling newlines in preformatted text

If I push this HTML into WebView: webView.loadData(“<html><body><pre>line 1\nline 2</pre></body></html>”, “text/html”, “utf-8”); it renders as (in emulator and also on device) line 1line 2 as opposed to line 1 line 2 as I would expect. If I save this HTML to the sdcard and open the file in the browser, it renders fine. I suppose […]

“Hello, WebView” tutorial opens the requested address in Android browser and not in my webview

I am using Android emulator with AVD of Android 2.1 and I have the following problem: Trying to load a URL in a WebView using webView.loadUrl causes it to open in the browser instead. Note: I am talking about the initial opening, not the issue in which links from the WebView open in a browser, […]

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