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Using shadow-dom (Polymer) in Android 4.4 Webview

I’m actually building a web app using custom Polymer elements (which is based on web-components and shadow-dom) but I encountered a serious problem. I want this app to run on an Android 4.4 WebView, but I experienced some issues with the shadow-dom when testing the app on the WebView, although it works perfectly fine on […]

Textfield in WebView in an Android is hidden by the keyboard

When I touch the html textfield, the soft keyboard pops up, and hides the textfield, so that I was not able to see what I had typed. How to add vertical scroll for scrolling hidden content?

What is the meaning of PicturePileLayerContent(…): Warning: painting PicturePile without content

I am getting this warning when getting HTML content from server to WebView and HTML contains img src tag Example: sequences represents the increasing order of the polarizing power of the cationic species img src=”http://www.demo.com/Images_demopractice/Chemistry/Q788.jpg” 11-06 01:35:44.129: W/PicturePileLayerContent(2179): Warning: painting PicturePile without content! 11-06 01:35:44.139: W/PicturePileLayerContent(2179): Warning: painting PicturePile without content! 11-06 01:35:44.149: W/PicturePileLayerContent(2179): Warning: […]

android transparent WebView on top of VideoView

I have an Ionic project where I want to display a video, and on top of it the content of the cordova WebView. To have the transparent WebView on top of the video view, in a plugin I use: webView.getView().setBackgroundColor(0x00000000); ((ViewGroup) webView.getView()).bringToFront(); The VideoView is initialized and added in a FrameLayout like this: FrameLayout containerView […]

WebView in NestedScrollView issues

I placed a WebView in a NestedScrollView. To hide/show the toolbar when the user scrolls down/up in the WebView. Unforunatly, there are issues: When click on a url in a webpage that navigates to a smaller webpage (in height), a blank area appears at the bottom of the webview. When i remove this a javascript […]

Resume Android webview when paused by OS/ run JavaScript on app in background?

FIrst off I am working on an application that needs to run JavaScript when the app is not in the foreground; the problem appears to be that when the app is put into the background/ the webview is detached from the screen the webview’s onPause method is called which per docs does the following: “Pauses […]

Flash in an Android WebView – layering issue

I am trying to have interactive buttons in an android WebView that contains flash. As a test, I set up a HTML to load in a flash through with a set x/y size. public class webz extends WebView { private Drawable image; public webz(Context context, AttributeSet attrs) { super(context, attrs); image=context.getResources().getDrawable(R.drawable.icon); getSettings().setPluginsEnabled(true); } @Override protected […]

WebView Text Zoom Issue in Android

I have a document reader project in android. Main Activity includes a WebView. The texts are reading from html. In Top Options menu includes a button for increasing text size dynamically (text are wrapping). So far so clear but when the button pressed, the text size is some increases but all text are shifting down […]

What is the difference when I create an Android WebView object with a ContextWrapper and a Context?

Problem : I want to pre load a web page inside an Android WebView and attach it to an Activity when the Activity is ready. The trigger point of loading the webpage is before the actual Activity gets created. So I create a webview object in a service the following way. MutableContextWrapper contextWrapper = new […]

Android Crosswalk Lite – Android Studio integration

I have successfully implemented crosswalk webview project inside an Android studio project. Basically by following this link: https://diego.org/2015/01/07/embedding-crosswalk-in-android-studio/ People familiar with implementing crosswalk know that the app size gets increased by +- 20-30 mb. For this reason i have been trying to integrate the lite version of crosswalk. Which is +- 10 mb, Unfortunaly without […]

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