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Use firefox as render engine for Android webview

Anybody has a feeling how much effort it would be to replace the webkit engine with firefox in Android for webview rendering? I am quite unhappy with the webkit engine on some features.

Responsive website show on Web view out of mobile width(Not Responsive) other way in Chrome Looks Good

I am using webview to load the responsive website but it shows the width outside to the mobile size. I open the link in a mobile Chrome browser and it looks good… I mean to say the width does not fit to screen size of mobile; it shows out of width. I am also using […]

Can I use polymer/web components in a native android app w/o Cordova?

If I’m not mistaken, you need a web server to use/test Polymer’s web components (such as the paper elements) on your computer due to browser permissions issues stemming from loading local file://s. (A simple solution is to navigate to the directory where the polymer files are you want to try and type python -m SimpleHTTPServer […]

Fling Gesture and Webview in Android

I have a webview control that needs to support the fling gesture in Android in order to bring up a new record (load new data). This is occuring in a class that extends Activity. All the examples I’ve seen show how to implement gesture support for a textview, but nothing for webview. I need to […]

Android webview url request with query string

I need to know, in android sdk 4.0 the following line says that ‘the file is not found’. But the webview loads perfectly in sdk 2.2 and 2.3 etc. mWebView.loadUrl(“file:///android_asset/currentLocation.html?width_=”+grosswt+”&height_=”+grossht); Is there any other way to send query string with url in android webview?

Android WebView not loading Mixed Content

I’m trying to make a app with WebView, but the website is using https, but the content (ex. mp3 file) uses http, so Android Lollipop won’t load it because it is “Mixed Content”. I tried to use onReceivedSslError handler.proceed();, but it doesn’t load anything. Is there a way to fix it? or could I just […]

Android WebView touch event link

I have a webview with a banner and when I click on the banner there should open a second webview that follows the link. How can I do that? I have created the first WebView and it shows my banner but when I click on it, it opens the link in the same WebView. How […]

How do I stop Flash after leaving a WebView?

I have an app that I’ve put together to stream flash video in a webview when a user clicks a button. It does this fine, but after backing out or losing focus, it looks like it continues to use data for a while until I assume when the system shuts the activity down. If I […]

How to fit a webpage on android screen(webview)?

Possible Duplicate: Android Webview – Webpage should fit the device screen I want to render a webpage in android‘s webview. Currently, I can display a webpage but how to make it fit within the screen? I referred to: Android Webview – Webpage should fit the device screen but didn’t find a solution there. Thanks!!

Problems loading mobile.twitter in webview

When I try to load the following urls in a Webview all i get is black twitter background with loading spinner. The page is loaded, as WebViewClient.onPageFinished is called. However the page loads ok in the standard Android browser. https://twitter.com/#!/scottyab or https://mobile.twitter.com/#!/scottyab I’m thinking Twitter changed their mobile website as this worked a month or […]

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