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How do I pull the sqlite database from the android device?

How do I pull the sqlite database from the android device like emulator?

datetime('now') gives wrong time

The System-Time of my Android emulator is correct (currently 13:42). But when i use the datetime(‘now’)-function to set the current time in my SQLite Database, the returned value is wrong (11:42). Is there another time i need to set to get this working correctly?

Android Sqlite get last insert row id

Possible Duplicate: Get generated id after insert I want to get the last inserted row id in my android application using this code : String query = “SELECT * from SQLITE_SEQUENCE”; int createdUserId = Integer.parseInt(dbHelper.executeSQLQuery(query).toString()); but the problem is that it’s throws an exception that cannot convert dbHelper.executeSQLQuery(query).toString() to integer. I’m not really good at […]

Backup/restore sqlite db in android

Possible Duplicate: Android backup/restore: how to backup an internal database? I am developing an app in which there is SQL lite db. I need to give the user the ability to back up the database and restore it again. How can I do that? Sample code? And in case my user saved the db, and […]

Android SQLite using db.query() for JOIN instead of rawquery()

I have tableA, tableB, and tableC table A and tableB are joined by tableA.Id(PK) = tableB.tableAId(FK) table B and tableC are joined by tableB.Id(PK) = tableC.tableBId(FK) I want to be able to do this: SELECT c.ALL from tableC c INNER JOIN tableB b on c.tableBId = b.Id INNER JOIN tableA a on b.tableAId = a.Id […]

Questions about using Android Backup Service with a SQLite database

My app stores all user data and preferences in a SQLite database, which I’d like to persist if the user gets a new phone, reinstalls, or does a factory reset. I’ve done some reading in Android’s Data Backup Guide and their Android Backup Service, but still have some questions before I get started. Is the […]

How can i check to see if my sqlite table has data in it?

EDIT, Changed the code slightly based on answers below, but still haven’t got it working. I also added a log message to tell me if getCount was returning > 0, and it was, so i supect somthing might be wrong with my query? or my use of the cursor.. I’ve created a table, and i […]

Error Cannot perform this operation because the connection pool has been closed

I am working with sqlite db and use some code of Alex LockWood Correctly Managing Your SQLite Database It works very well but sometimes I got the error “java.lang.IllegalStateException: Cannot perform this operation because the connection pool has been closed.” Here is the full Error: 02-20 16:37:21.385: W/dalvikvm(25730): threadid=13: thread exiting with uncaught exception (group=0x41c122a0) […]

Handling full disk storage in Android

This question has evolved a bit from the initial one, here’s a short info: I filled up the disk storage on the emulator and got it absolutely useless – the process android.process.acore is displaying the “… has stopped unexpectedly” dialog in a loop, so nothing can be done on the system. I can’t even turn […]

Issue while displaying item names along with images that are stored in sqlite for android

I am storing items and their details in the sqlite and displaying the images of the items along with the item names for that i am using private void getDataAndPopulate() { Cursor cursor = getEvents(“bcuk_book”); while (cursor.moveToNext()) { String temp_id = cursor.getString(0); final String temp_name = cursor.getString(1); String temp_author=cursor.getString(2); String temp_desc=cursor.getString(3); byte[] temp_image = cursor.getBlob(4); […]

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