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android sqlite check if inserted new value

I’m working with sqlite. I successfully created database and table. I also wrote code which can insert new values in my table. My code is working perfect, but now I want to show for example: toast message if inserted new value, else show error message in toast or something else. This is a my insert […]

how to get the database value to a String array in android(sqlite Database)

I have a database name “CUED” (sqlite Android)it have a table HELLO which contain a column NAME I can get the value to String from that column. Let me show you my code section myDB =hello.this.openOrCreateDatabase(“CUED”, MODE_PRIVATE, null); Cursor crs = myDB.rawQuery(“SELECT * FROM HELLO”, null); while(crs.moveToNext()) { String uname = crs.getString(crs.getColumnIndex(“NAME”)); System.out.println(uname); } It […]

How can I clear an SQLite database each time I start my application?

I want my SQLite database instance to be wiped away when the program starts. What I tried was make a method on my class MyDBAdapter.java like this: public class MyDbAdapter { private static final String TAG = “NotesDbAdapter”; private DatabaseHelper mDbHelper; private SQLiteDatabase mDb; private static final String DATABASE_NAME = “gpslocdb”; private static final String […]

Understanding android sqlite auto increment field

I have a table in my android sqlite database.There is a field ‘id’ which is auto increment primary key.My application service inserting a row in every minutes in the table.At some point in time i am deleting the entry older than 5 days.So total entry is limited.But id is increasing.So i am confuse about the […]

missing table in SQLite with specific version of HTC DESIRE HD

My application has a SQLite database in the asset folder. When the user launches my application, the database is created and the tables too. This works fine with a lot of devices (Nexus One, Htc Magic, SGS, X10… and even Htc Desire HD v2.2). My application works with all versions of Android (tested on my […]

Android SQLiteMisuseException when calling database.rawQuery

I use a SQLite database in an Android application and sometimes get an SQLiteMisuseException when calling database.rawQuery(String sql, String[] selectionArgs). This is pretty odd because this Exception appears ramdomly and I realy don’t know why. There is more informations about the Exception: android.database.sqlite.SQLiteMisuseException: library routine called out of sequence: , while compiling: SELECT PromoGuid, PromoViewCount […]

How can I read my database from DDMS

In android how can I read database which is in DDMS? I want to see the data of my database which is stored in DDMS can I do this?

Cursor while loop returning every value but the last

I am using a while loop to iterate through a cursor and then outputing the longitude and latitude values of every point within the database. For some reason it is not returning the last (or first depending on if I use Cursor.MoveToLast) set of longitude and latitude values in the cursor. Here is my code: […]

External SQLite File content accessing error

I’ve the following code, it gives a run time error as below. Why? try{ String myPath = DB_PATH + DB_NAME; mDB = SQLiteDatabase.openDatabase(myPath, null, SQLiteDatabase.OPEN_READONLY); }catch(SQLiteException e){} Runtime Error: :sqlite returned: error code = 1, msg = no such table: android_metadata :SELECT locale FROM android_metadata failed :Failed to setLocale() when constructing, closing the database :android.database.sqlite.SQLiteException: […]

Offline Android application with online syncing

I am developing an Android application that would have an offline data in start and online syncing. That means: user clicks on an item and application reads data for that item from offline (SQLite database or file) and displays that Activity with data (text, picture, movie etc.). At the same time (if online) application goes […]

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