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EditText not receiving TAB key events – stock soft vk

My app has a ListView and an EditText sitting below it. For some reason, the TAB key doesn’t trigger the onKeyListener. All other keys I’m handling (DEL, ENTER, DPAD_UP/DOWN/CENTER) are received just fine. I added a breakpoint in dispatchKeyEvent, again no luck receiving TAB events. My app previously had a large TextView for displaying text […]

Choppy ProgressBar performance when used in ListView

I recently encountered an issue where the animation of an indeterminate ProgressBar used inside of a ListView row became choppy. In a nutshell, I have a ListView where each row contains a ProgressBar. The animations look great, until I scroll; from then on, at least one of the ProgressBar will have a choppy animation. Does […]

drag and drop listitem of a listview to another listview's listitem

As shown in screenshot,I have listing of folders and associated albums.I have used expandable listview for that listing. I have another list besides it which shows images. When I click on any album,the second listview shows images of that particular album. Now,I want to move image from existing ablum to another album.and I want to […]

Android How to recycle bitmap correctly when using RecyclerView?

As google’s said we must manually call Bitmap.recycle() when the bitmap not use below Android 3.0 because memory are keep in native heap. So we could have a reference count for a Bitmap and check if need to recycle bitmap in ImageView’s onDetachedFromWindow() when using ListView. This is the solution from Google’s demo project Bitmapfun(ImageFetcher). […]

IndexOutOfBoundsException in my Android Listview adapter

I keep getting this IndexOutOfBoundsException, but can’t seem to figure out what’s causing it. My listview has an adapter with a list of objects, and the objects are removed based on a timestamp. The removal is done inside the getView method. Once an item is removed, I call notifyDataSetChanged(). The full source code is available […]

Is there a way to keep the dividers around a non selectable preference?

If you set the selectability of a preference item to false, you will notice that the dividers around that item will disappear. Do you know if there is a way to keep those dividers? I have looked at the ListView API and could not find a solution that could be applied here, since there is […]

Video not playing properly withing listview in android

I have video views within a listview. While playing video at that time if I scroll up and down the list view, video view behaves abnormally . It seems that video views jumping up and down. Please response against this problem.

Android listview images disappear when scrolling

When scrolling my listview with images. The images will disappear then reappear a second or two later. Any help on the matter would be appreciated! This is in my getView which calls the below code: image_main.setImageBitmap(null); if (curr == 0 && image != null) { list_image.setVisibility(View.VISIBLE); image_preference = preferences.getString(“image_preferences”, “false”); time_right.setVisibility(View.GONE); if (image_preference.equals(“false”)) { ImageDownloader […]

Android: FastScrolling SectionIndexer getSections() is called only once

I’ve created a ListView which is using FastScroll. (see pic) When the user clicks any of the below Button (viz. All Tracks, Artists, Album), everytime the following custom ArrayAdater is called ArrayAdapter<String> adapter = new ScrollIndexListAdapter(Listing.this, elements); //Code for ScrollIndexListAdapter is below and the same ListView is updated. PROBLEM: According to my investigation in Android, […]

Android – Better alternative to expandable listview?

I have a list of items loaded from a web service JSON. Each of these items has it’s own list of sub-items. Each item has numerous text views. The number of subitems varies dynamically, and consists of multiple textviews. There are at times dozens of items with potentially hundreds of subitems. I want all the […]

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