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Overscroll scrolling indicators with clip to padding

Im having this problem I cant get rid of on froyo and gingerbread. I am using clipToPadding=”false” attribute to not have the top and bottom padding around listView unless its ends. However on 2.2 and 2.3 this with the clipToPadding, causes the overscroll indicator or how should I call it, to ignore my clipToPadding setting […]

keep Scroll position with every refresh in list view

I set a timer in my app, I could get some information from a web service and resulted in a list view to display. Now my problem is that every time the timer runs, scroll back to the beginning … how can i keep Scroll position with every refresh in list view ? part of […]

Highlight selected item in “ListFragment”?

I have posted the same problem a couple of times but it hasn’t yet been resolved. I have a ListFragment and I want to highlight the selected item in the list. I have been given suggestions to use a “selector”. I don’t understand how to use this selector. My ListFragment class is: // Create an […]

Images not being cached locally (using Universal Image Loader) – slow image load times

Description of the problem: I’m creating a scrollable list of articles with thumbnails that’s populated by my SQLite database. In general, it’s “working” except being slow: The images load very slowly… I thought using the “Universal Image Loader” cached the images on the device, and that that would make them appear to just scroll into […]

How can I pass images in a server's response using JSON? Base64?

In my android app, I show some users in a ListView. I want to display (user’s pic, first_name, last_name). Right now, it works only with first_name and last_name. I want to add the picture. The data JSON I receive from my server (python) is like this: [{“profil”:”first_name”: “Jim”, “last_name”: “Carrey”}}, “_id”: {“$oid”: “4d595cda1d41c81536000000”}}, {“profil”:{“first_name”: “Mathieu”, […]

Binding onScrolling listener to the android ListView

just wanted to ask is there a possibility to bind some listener to the ListView scroll event. What I would like to achieve is that once ListView have been scrolled to the bottom I would like to ask server for more data if any is there. I know that there is a function like: getLastVisiblePosition() […]

custom font in android ListView

I’m using a custom font throughout my application (which, incidentally, I’ve frustratingly found out that you have to apply programmatically by hand to EVERY control!), and I need to apply it to a listview. The problem is that I can’t see where I’d set the textview used in the list’s font to my custom font […]

android listview swipe to delete like in gmail app

This question already has an answer here: Remove item listview with Slide – Like Gmail 4 answers

Set color of 'empty' area of ListView in Android

When my list view is not completely full of list view items (ex my list view is tall enough for 8 items, but I only have 2), the empty area shows up as gray on my Droid X. In the emulator the empty area shows up as black. How do I set the ’empty’ area […]

bad convertView type BaseAdapter of ListView

I have a list view adapter that uses different types of view rows. Most of the time it works fine. But when I remove an element from the list it crashes. It sends a convertView of the incorrect type to getView public View getView(int position, View convertView, ViewGroup patent) … But getItemViewType is returning the […]

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