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Custom ListView background problem

I have a LinearLayout layout with a ListView in it. I’ve made the android:background of the LinearLayout (I’ve also tried it on the ListView) be an image that I would like for my background. This works fine enough. However, when I start scrolling through the ListView, the background often disappears and becomes black. If I […]

How to trigger onListItemClick in a ListFragment

In the tablet layout of my app, I have three ListFragments and one regular Fragment, let’s call them Make, Model, Size, and Details. Initially the Make list is populated, then based on the Make selection, the Model list is populated; when a Model is selected, the Size list is populated; when a Size is selected, […]

List item repeating in android customized listview

In my customized list view items are repeating.position of item is same for all item. code is below ListAdapter.java- public class ListAdapter extends BaseAdapter{ private List<String> mName; private List<Drawable> mIcon; private Context mContext; public ListAdapter(Context mContext, List<String> Name, List<Drawable> Icon) { this.mContext=mContext; this.mName=Name; this.mIcon=Icon; } @Override public int getCount() { // TODO Auto-generated method stub […]

Trying to filter a ListView with runQueryOnBackgroundThread but nothing happens – what am I missing?

I have a list of countries in a database. I have created a select country activity that consists of a edit box for filtering and a list which displays the flag and country name. When the activity starts the list shows the entire list of countries sorted alphabetically – works fine. When the customer starts […]

How to open Menu Context Android with click button in listview adapter?

How to open Menu Context Android with click button in listview adapter ? I tried with my code, but not show the menu context, code public View getView(int position, View convertView, ViewGroup parent) { vi=convertView; if(convertView==null) vi = inflater.inflate(R.layout.tulisan_komentar_list_item,parent, false); LinearLayout content_favorite= (LinearLayout)vi.findViewById(R.id.content_favorite); final TextView date_komentar = (TextView)vi.findViewById(R.id.date_komentar); // artist name final TextView isi_komentar = […]

dynamically change TextView font color in ListView

I am binding an XML document to a custom adapter. All of the items in the list initially have a font color of white. One of the nodes in the XML document has an attribute that I am checking and if the attribute is set, I’d like to change the font color of that item […]

How to hide ActionBar while scrolling ListView in android?

I need to create a GUI with a ListView and an ActionBar which will hide when scrolling down and when scrolling up it must reappear. The following guides didn’t help me: https://mzgreen.github.io/2015/06/23/How-to-hideshow-Toolbar-when-list-is-scrolling%28part3%29/ https://github.com/ksoichiro/Android-ObservableScrollView I need something like this:

Generate listview from JSON in android

I am completely new to Android and currently trying to generate listview from JSON array which was pulled from my server, I have read a lot of tutorials with no luck, there is unique way to do that. Could you, please, point some resources good to start. I have read this page however I am […]

Custom ListView Android

I have problem with my custom ListView. SimpleAdapter adapter = new SimpleAdapter(this, this.dh.selectAll(), R.layout.custom_row_view, new String[] {“Icon”,”Chance”,”TeamID”}, new int[] {R.id.text1,R.id.text2, R.id.text3}); setListAdapter(adapter); This is my simple adapter. I want put into them icons, can I do that?

How do I set an empty ListView's background image?

How yo set listview background like this. I want to appear when the number of record 0

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