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YouTubePlayerFragment in ListView with AppCompatActivity Error

I am developing one android application. In this application I want youtube video play with youtube player in ListView or RecyclerView with AppCompatActivity. I have used YouTubeBaseActivity it is working well with this, but I need AppCompatActivity. So I used YouTubePlayerFragmentor YouTubePlayerSupportFragment for solving my problem. When I am using YouTubePlayerFragment with AppCompatActivity then its […]

CursorAdapter in Listview

i’m using CursorAdapter for reading database in listview. i have a checkbox in the each item of the list that when the checkbox was checked by user the favorite Column in my database change the yes and the item added to the favorite. everything is ok and the favorite column changed but when i scroll […]

On navigation drawer item click, new list view in navigation drawer

I am trying to get the following functionality in navigation drawer but i am not able to break it. scenario:- I am having a Navigation Drawer. On clicking any item in the navigation drawer I need a list view to open with multiple item in it, which could be further selected for some kind of […]

Trouble with detecting gestures over ListView

I have an Activity that contains a ViewFlipper. The ViewFlipper includes 2 layouts, both of which are essentially just ListViews. So the idea here is that I have two lists and to navigate from one to the other I would use a horizontal swipe. I have that working. However, what ever list item your finger […]

ListView Item shadow + custom selector

I want to drop shadow at ListView item and also apply custom selector. But i don’t know how to apply them at the same time.. Here is shadow.xml <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″?> <layer-list xmlns:android=”http://schemas.android.com/apk/res/android”> <item > <shape android:shape=”rectangle”> <solid android:color=”@android:color/darker_gray” /> </shape> </item> <item android:right=”1dp” android:bottom=”2dp”> <shape android:shape=”rectangle”> <solid android:color=”@android:color/white”/> </shape> </item> </layer-list> And custom selector: […]

View Pager as List View Row Item

I have a list view with 20 rows and I want to setup a view pager as each row in a list view. As the items coming in my row of the list view may one or more than one, and I want to show the list view row items using a view pager. For […]

Change background color of an item in Android ListActivity onListItemClick

I know it sounds very simple, and there are questions about this. But none of it could solve my problem. So here we go: I want to change background color of a list item in a ListActivity when user clicks on it, and change it back to original color when user clicks again (i.e. Select/Unselect […]

How can I refresh my ListFragment when it returns to the layout from back stack?

First I should mention that I am using the ActionBarSherlock library for backwards compatibility. I have an activity which adds a ListFragment when it is first started. I have a custom Loader which I implemented and follows the AsnycTaskLoader example very closely. My ListFragment implements the LoaderCallbacks<Cursor> interface. All the appropriate callback methods are called […]

Setting ListView scroll position nicely in Android

I am aware of setSelection(), setSelectionFromTop(), and setSelectionAfterHeaderView(), but none of them seems to do what I want. Given an item in the list, I want to scroll so that it is in view. If the item is above the visible window of the list, I want to scroll until the item is the first […]

How can I set different background color for each row in listview?

I want to set different background color in each row of listview ? I used custom adapter for listview. It should be appear when activity loads.static different color row.

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