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Custom ListView not highlighting ListViewItem on click

I have a custom listview made up of an ImageView and a TextView. Clicking works fine however it won’t highlight the item like a normal ListView would. How would I add a highlight? I tried to rig it by setting the background color on click and then adding a timer to remove the background color. […]

Android save Checkbox State in ListView with Cursor Adapter

I cant find a way to save the checkbox state when using a Cursor adapter. Everything else works fine but if i click on a checkbox it is repeated when it is recycled. Ive seen examples using array adapters but because of my lack of experience im finding it hard to translate it into using […]

animate listView childs only once they appear

I have a listView with about 20 items (dynamic items). I want to animate these items first they show up to user. something like Google+ cards. There are some points that I want to achieve: items animate only when the user starts to see them. items animate only once. (not every time user sees them) […]

Overriding Android ArrayAdapter

I want to do a very simple thing. I have a listview in my application which I dynamically add text to. But, after a certain point, I would like to change the color of the text inside the listview. So, I made a XML defining my custom list item, and subclassed the ArrayAdapter. But, whenever […]

Generic adapter for many kinds of listview 's layout row in android

For each list view with difference row layout template, I must create each custom adapter, which do the same thing: load xml row layout, get control (TextView, ImageView, etc..) by id, display data… something like this: public class CommentAdapter extends BaseAdapter { protected Activity activity; protected static LayoutInflater layoutInflater = null; protected List<Comment> lst; public […]

UIAutomator click listview based on index

I’m trying to implement an UIAutomator testcase with a general method to perform a click on a ListView item (regardless of the type of viewgroup holding the listitem). Currently I have following code, but it keeps on clicking the first item. public void clickListViewItem(int index) throws UiObjectNotFoundException { UiObject listview = new UiObject(new UiSelector().className(“android.widget.ListView”)); if(index […]

Android: ScrollView and drawing cache?

Are the views that get scrolled off of ScrollView automatically cached by the drawing cache? I’m not quite sure i understand the API documentation.

Android ListView: Doesn't highlight on touch, but works when I use the trackball

I am using a couple of ListView elements in my app. In all cases, it doesn’t highlight the selected item when I click/touch it, but I can use the trackball to scroll up and down, and can see the orange highlighted color then. How do I fix this? For e.g., one of them is a […]

Change ListView background – strange behaviour

I have a problem with changing the background of a view in a ListView. What I need: Change the background image of a row onClick() What actually happens: The background gets changed (selected) after pressing e.g. the first entry. But after scrolling down the 8th entry is selected too. Scroll back to the top the […]

How to put Editable edittext within a listview?

I use section adapter for the whole listview.Now in this image,there is a edittext which is not editable.I want to make this edittext editable.

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