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Install launcher icon in home screen once

When a user installs an Android app, a launcher icon is created in the apps menu. Many users I talk to expect that when they install an app, an icon should appear automatically on their home screen (“launch pad”). A lot of apps achieve this somehow. My preference would be to have a window appear […]

Detecting android Activity launches

I have searched the stackoverflow for this question and found : Android, Detect when other apps are launched and Reliable way to detect application launch from home / desktop? , which kind of answers my question but it’s still not enough. What I want to do I want to create a widget/app that shows the […]

Android – creating custom launcher

I am intending to develop custom Launcher for Android phone. I have searched web, but I haven’t found any valuable information regarding creating “launcher” project. What does an android app needs for being at the top of the GUI (aka launcher)?

Which launcher is running?

Usually there is one launcher on an Android device. But sometimes users install a few while only one of them is active. How can I check which launcher is currently active on my Android device? Thanks.

Set google as search bar in home screen Custom launcher programmatically

I am creating ‘my own launcher. In that case I want to putQuick search bar` in my home screen i.e. Google now launcher. How can I do that. I have gone through multiple threads but not found any relevant answer. I don’t want to show the widget picker.I want asap user install this launcher search […]

Launching default android launcher programmatically

I’m looking for a way to launch the default android launcher programatically, something perhaps like the code below. Or do I have to add something to the manifest file? Thanks! Intent intent = new Intent(); intent.setClassName(“com.android.launcher”, “Launcher”); startActivity(intent);

Understanding custom android launcher

i want to learn custom android launcher,i donot know how to start,can you give me some advice,some blog link or other example and so on.

Use my own Android app/apk as launcher/Home Screen Replacement

I’ve created my own app and I want this one to be my launcher. It’s a simple app, but it works. Is it possible to replace the default launcher with my app so that my app always starts by default after booting?

Create a Android launch icon for Website

I have a responsive website which can be accessed across multiple devices, our design and application is mainly targeted for mobile users. To ease access to the site, we want to create a launch icon which will apear on the mobile home screen and user can access the site using one touch, as against launching […]

How to check if my application is the default launcher

I am developing a buissness-application that is essentially a Home-screen, and is supposed to be used as a Default Homescreen (being a “kiosk”-application). Is there any way of checking if my Launcher is the default Launcher? Thanks! Ps. Similar example, but for checking GPS-settings LocationManager alm = (LocationManager) context.getSystemService(Context.LOCATION_SERVICE); if (alm.isProviderEnabled(android.location.LocationManager.GPS_PROVIDER)) { Stuffs&Actions; }

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