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how to show location pin of the visible portion of a mapview in android?

Here is my asynctask part where I am putting pin in some location parsed from an xml. This is doing fine for a small location data set but takes a long time when the location data set is large. private class MapLoader extends AsyncTask<Void, Void, Void> { ProgressDialog dialog; ArrayList<POI>[] mappoiList; @Override protected void onPreExecute() […]

How to encode a WAV to a mp3 on a Android device

I have simplified my question and offered a bounty: What options are there for compressing raw PCM audio data to a mp3 on a Android device. My original post: I’m creating a synthesiser on my Android phone, and I’ve been generating PCM data to send to the speakers. Now I’m wondering if I can encode […]

toByteArray() won't be resolved for facebook login

I am building an app which requires facebook login and authentication. I am following https://developers.facebook.com/docs/android/getting-started#create-app I got this error: when I hit the facebook login button: Multiple posts say that this code should resolve the error Key hash doesn't match while facebook login in android : try { PackageInfo info = getPackageManager().getPackageInfo( “com.hitup.hitup”, PackageManager.GET_SIGNATURES); for […]

Apply Matrix Transformations to BoundingBox

I have a model matrix that I am keeping track of for position of the mesh in my world. With each call to glRotate() and glTranslate() I have a corresponding call to modelMatrix.rotate() and modelMatrix.translate() which appears to be working correctly. Now I need to update the bounding box associated with each of my models. […]

Cannot resolve constructor ArrayAdapter

Hi Guys I am getting a Cannot resolve constructor ArrayAdapter in my OnCreateView method with the listAdapter I am trying to list text data in my tabs and here is my main activity. Any help will be appreciated I am still a noobie in Java. public class MainActivity extends ActionBarActivity { private Toolbar toolbar; private […]

How can I set up connection with DVR and decode the data?

My system consists of a digital video recorder (dvr) and two cameras, which are connected with dvr. The dvr works as server also (connected to LAN). To the system was included an android application, where I put info about server, port, user name and password (I can add accounts using server software). The application streams […]

how to split mp3 file using java

can any one give me best example to split mp3 file using java or android

“Back” button on Action bar – Android . How to go “back”?

Image ! Action Bar I’m talking about the (Number 1, in the pic), button with a little arrow and the app icon and the top left side of the screen. It is automatically defined when we select the “Black activity” template. My app has a pretty huge hierarchy graph, got about 25 activities now. I’m […]

How to slide image with finger touch in android?

I am developing an android application in which I want to slide images with finger touch. I have implemented an onClickListener with which I can slide images but I don’t know how to implement finger touch functionality. Please suggest me any method how to slide images with finger touch. Any Suggestion or any tutorial or […]

What is the best practice for putting classes under package names in Android

Android Studio 0.8.11 Hello, I have just completed a test on Android which was to build an app that takes a live news feed, and display them. However, the instructor was very critical as I put all my classes under one package. I am just wondering what is the best practice for packaging classes. For […]

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