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Could not find com.google.android.gms:play-services-analytics:8.1.0

Attempting to compile and debug the Android application I am working on resulted in the following errors: * What went wrong: A problem occurred configuring project ‘:app’. > Could not resolve all dependencies for configuration ‘:app:_prodDebugStagingCompile’. > Could not find com.google.android.gms:play-services-analytics:8.1.0. Searched in the following locations: https://repo1.maven.org/maven2/com/google/android/gms/play-services-analytics/8.1.0/play-services-analytics-8.1.0.pom https://repo1.maven.org/maven2/com/google/android/gms/play-services-analytics/8.1.0/play-services-analytics-8.1.0.jar https://jcenter.bintray.com/com/google/android/gms/play-services-analytics/8.1.0/play-services-analytics-8.1.0.pom https://jcenter.bintray.com/com/google/android/gms/play-services-analytics/8.1.0/play-services-analytics-8.1.0.jar … Are these sources down […]

Define a string in gradle and also use a flavor-specific applicationId

I’ve seen scripts that manipulate the build tasks of gradle and am now wondering if it’s possible to set a string outside the `defaultConfig but treat it as default for all flavors. Basically I’ve multiple flavors and all of them have a specific ApplicationId. I want to use that id to set a string resource […]

How to set up compile library in android studio. LOMBOK

Help me to set up comile dependencies in Android Studio in build.gradle. I mean that they not include into final APK. this build.gradle works fine but i don’t need lombok library in apk in runtime; apply plugin: ‘android’ android { compileSdkVersion 19 buildToolsVersion “19.0.0” defaultConfig { minSdkVersion 10 targetSdkVersion 16 versionCode 1 versionName “1.0” } […]

Can't add ViewPagerIndicator to app with Gradle

i am trying to add Jack Whartons ViewPagerIndicator library https://github.com/JakeWharton/ViewPagerIndicator to my app as i want to use the circle indicator for the viewpager i have. However i am having trouble adding it to my app. i have followed this tutorial – Using ViewPagerIndicator library with Android Studio and Gradle However i am getting this […]

Unable to add AndEngine to Android Studio

I am trying to almost 2 days to add AndEngine to Android Studio but unable to do so. I tried the following two methods, neither worked. 1st Try I download the AndEngine code from GitHub Link — this is NOT a Gradle Project and tried to add it to my Android Studio build.gradle and settings.gradle, […]

How do I import material design library to Android Studio?

I want to import this library to my project in Android Studio v1.0.0 rc2: https://github.com/navasmdc/MaterialDesignLibrary But there is a problem. When I add this library as a module, this error appears: Error:Dependency MyApplication.libraries:MaterialDesign:unspecified on project app resolves to an APK archive which is not supported as a compilation dependency. File: C:\ADTBundle\StudioWorkspace\MyApplication\libraries\MaterialDesign\build\outputs\apk\MaterialDesign-release-unsigned.apk What would be a […]

Android – App crashes on Pre-Lollipop devices

My app is running well on Lollipop devices but it keep crashing on prior to version Lollipop. I have simply implemented a banner add in my application with the following code through google documention // Request for Ads AdRequest adRequest = new AdRequest.Builder() // Add a test device to show Test Ads .addTestDevice(AdRequest.DEVICE_ID_EMULATOR) .build(); // […]

android studio not downloading sources and javadoc

Using Android studio version 0.1.3 and version 0.4.2 of the android gradle plugin. I noticed that its not pulling in sources for any of my dependencies. i used a third party android plugin before on eclipse that did that and usually with maven you can configure it to do that too. Anyone know how you […]

How to retrieve path to ADB in build.gradle

I trying to start application via gradle task. task runDebug(dependsOn: [‘installDebug’, ‘run’]) { } task run(type: Exec) { commandLine ‘adb’, ‘shell’, ‘am’, ‘start’, ‘-n’, ‘com.example.myexample/.ui.SplashScreenActivity’ } But this code don’t work and i get error: a problem occurred starting process ‘command ‘adb” However, when i specify the path to adb explicitly, application is started. task […]

Android Studio / Intellij, Gradle Error:Cause: peer not authenticated

Having a fight with intelliji at the moment. The darn thing won’t download me gradle 2.1. I have an Android project hosted on github, which I have cloned to my laptop. I have got working SSL certificates, I know this as I can download SDK software from google using SSL, and I can also download […]

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