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Android Studio make my test module depend of application module

I want to make in Android Studio my test module to be dependent of application module, but can not achieve this, have mistake Error:Dependency AndroidApp:app:unspecified on project TestsRobotium resolves to an APK archive which is not supported as a compilation dependency. File: D:\android\MEWE\AndroidApp\app\build\apk\MeWe.apk In my test.gradle I added provided project(‘:app’) in dependency tag (it is […]

Gradle 4.0 Unable to find a matching configuration

I am trying to open my existing project in new Android Studio 3.0 canary 2. I updated Gradle according to instructions, changed names for dependency configurations but I continue to get next error: Error:Could not resolve all dependencies for configuration ‘:bankOK:betaNewApiInnerTestRuntimeClasspath’. > Unable to find a matching configuration in project :abChat: – Configuration ‘debugApiElements’: – […]

roboblender-3.0.1.jar: not included in Android: javax.tools. Referenced from com.google.inject.blender.AnnotationDatabaseGenerator

I try to build my android project and I get: Information:Gradle: Executing tasks: [clean, :app:compileDebugSources] Information:1/10/15, 11:13 AM – Compilation completed successfully in 5 sec I then try to deploy it to my device and get: FAILURE: Build failed with an exception. * What went wrong: Execution failed for task ‘:app:lint’. > Lint found errors […]

Gradle: Only resolve dependencies for the desired variant

I have a test app with three flavors: dev: Uses a local copy of the library during development qa: Uses a snapshot during QA rc: Uses a prerelease build for release candidate testing. dependencies { devCompile project(‘:library’) qaCompile ‘com.example:library:1.0.0-SNAPSHOT@aar’ rcCompile ‘com.example:library:1.0.0@aar’ } I run Gradle, and expect it to do the minimum amount of work […]

com.android.builder.testing.api.DeviceException: com.android.ddmlib.InstallException: Failed to install all

I am using React Native 0.26 and trying to play around with Google Plus Sign in from the below npm for Android application. npm install react-native-google-signin –save I am using command-line(react-native run-android) to build debug apks directly on my devices. Followed all the installation steps very carefully. By default, my builds are working only on […]

External AndroidManifest.xml doesn't appear under project view pane

I have been developing an Android project using Android Studio and Gradle. My project’s AndroidManifest.xml is located under an external folder. I’m pointing to it using the following code in the build.gradle file: sourceSets { main { manifest.srcFile ‘..\\..\\..\\sources\\AndroidManifest.xml’ } } Everything works great, the project compiles and runs, except I can’t locate the AndroidManifest.xml […]

Can't build project for google app invites

I’m trying this Google app invites thing but i cant get it to work. I followed the steps just like https://developers.google.com/app-invites/android/guides/app suggested but i soon encountered the problem of not finding ‘com.google.gms:google-services:1.0’ and so i followed Error: Could not find com.google.gms:google-services:1.0. when adding google service plugin in build.gradle in android studio and gradle continued to […]

Define buildConfigField for androidTest

I’m defining a particular field in the BuildConfig for getting the URL during runtime. So, for each build type, I use a different string: prod { buildConfigField “String”, “BASE_URL”, “\”abc.com\”” } debug { buildConfigField “String”, “BASE_URL”, “\”efg.com\”” } Is it possible to define a different URL while running the android tests? I tried putting this […]

Android Studio: Gradle Build Running for 3 minutes

I have a simple app and every time I hit “run” it takes more than 3 minutes for gradle to finish build and load the app. And it happens on both emulator and my android phone. And before you mark this post as a similar post, hear me out: I have been tying to troubleshoot […]

Android flavor and resource files

I have problem with android gradle build. Long story short, I have created 2 flavors: productFlavors{ abcDemoFree{ } abcDemo{ } } Eeach flavor has his own Activity(Settings.java) and layout(settings_layout.xml) for this activity. From main both files were removed, so Settings.java and settings_layout.xml exist only in flavors. abcDemoFree – java – Settings.java – res – settings_layout.xml […]

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