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Cannot Render Google+ SignInButton

I am attempting to follow the Setting Up Google Play Services tutorial for Android Studio 0.8.6. Ultimately, I want to add the Google+ sign-in button to my app (see below for example). When I add the button to my XML, the preview pane (as well as the app itself when I deploy it in debug […]

Application Publisher

I am about to finish my Android application. I would like to provide lite version and more complete paid pro version. Unfortunately, Google does not allow Australian developers to sell applications and I don’t have any friends in US or UK. Does anyone know of a person/company who would publish my pro application on my […]

GooglePlay error: cannot upload a test-only APK

When trying to upload the first apk to a recently created project in GooglePlay console, I receive this error: You cannot upload a test-only APK Searching google gives me 0 results for that exact string as per today. I also have submitted a ticket for Play Console. Will update here if have any answer.

google map api v2, and older version of google play services lib

I am going to use maps in my android application and I should use google play services. I read lots of q\a here like this. In the mentioned question, the accepted answers suggets using older version of google play services lib, like the one for Froyo. I downloaded google play services r10 and used it […]

android apk not zip aligned when uploading to Google Play

when uploading my APK to Google Play I’m getting an error I’ve never encountered before. The window informs me that I’m uploading an APK that is not zip aligned. However when I’ve uploaded previous versions of the APK these errors never occurred. I’ve already tried manually zip aligning the APK manually through the terminal and […]

Issue with Android IAP, no OrderID in Purchase Object

Im testing Android In app purchase subscription with one of my accounts with TEST License access (I’m aware Test access won’t support Subscriptions). Noticed that there is no orderIdin purchase response JSON but payment goes through(no charges though since there’s a trail for 7 days on this subscription). response json looks like: “packageName”: “com.xxx.xxxx”, “productId”: […]

How to test In App Subscription in android

I’ve integrated In app purchase api(v3) in my existing app successfully. I’ve also created in app subscription in google play and added subscription id in code. In Google developer website i’ve read that to test in app purchase we need to add email id’s in Settings section. So i’ve added test email id’s there and […]

Unable to zipalign apk android android studio 2.2

I am publishing my app using android studio 2.2 preview 3 and generating signed apk. But when i am uploading apk to google play i am getting error You uploaded an APK that is not zip aligned. You will need to run a zip align tool on your APK and upload it again. Also i […]

Android Studio with Google Play: Google Play services is missing

I am using Ubuntu 14, Android Studio 0.8.6. I am using Genymotion for running the app, the response I get, is: W/GooglePlayServicesUtil﹕ Google Play services is missing. Tried the solution of Import Google Play Services library in Android Studio, also from Android Studio with Google Play Services. Installed the following packages from Android SDK Manager: […]

Google Developer Console: How to see all ratings in review list?

In Google Play Developer Console I currently can see only the user feedbacks which have reviews submitted along with the rating. But I cannot see the ones with only rating (no review). I can see some of those through the Play Store itself (by clicking on ALL REVIEWS button within the app page). But that […]

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