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Developer Console content rating error

I have built an app and publish it on Google Play in Developer Console. I was asked for select content rating, and the Everyone option was disabled and I got an error: Some rating options have been disabled based on the content of your application My application is only simple tool that control the WiFi […]

Android Marketplace: Changing application's package

Any android developers had any success changing the package name of your application (in the manifest) of an application already being distributed in the Market? During my upgrade progress, I decided to change the package name slightly, which means that android identifies it as a new application. So, I suppose saved preferences will be lost, […]

How to open developer page on Google Play Store (market://)

Recently, Google Play lets developers create developer page. Here is the example : https://play.google.com/store/apps/dev?id=5700313618786177705 I try to find developer page Uri link (market://…) that I can use but I can’t find it on Android Developer page. (http://developer.android.com/distribute/tools/promote/linking.html) Intent intent = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_VIEW); intent.setData(Uri.parse(“market://…”)); startActivity(intent);

Can you search Google Play using Intent?

Here’s the situation: I want to open another app via implicit intent, but the user doesn’t have adequate app. Can I open for him “Google Play Search Activity” with results including apps that contain components able to serve such intent (have appropriate intent filter). In other words can you perform search using “Intent data”?

Gray Box thumbnail icon Google Play Developer Console

i have a problem in the Google Play Developer Console. After i had uploaded a new update of one of my apps, the thumbnail icon of this app in the “All Applications” page changed to this. I had set a different icon both on android manifest and “Store listing” page.

How to give (already purchased) Android app to customer as a gift?

Yes, SO, I know, it’s not a “programmer’s” question:) But customers sometimes help us (devs) with our code, so we (devs) shold be grateful. I think answer to my question will be useful for all fellow android devs. User has purchased my app. Refund period (15min) is over of course. Now I’d like to return […]

Play Store having new version of the app, but not showing update

I have my app installed in my cell with version 1.0.5 ( Version code 9) In Google Play Store, I can see my app with version 1.0.7 ( Version code 11 ), but it doesn’t show me the button update ( it is showing me the button “Open”) Is it something I have to include […]

I have forgotten my keystore password and I want to install my apk on Google Play. What do I do?

I have made an application and I signed its apk one month ago. Now I have forgotten its password and when I am using a new key for this and installing it on Google Play, it’s giving me the fingerprint error. What do I do, please help me… The application link is here.enter link description […]

Propagation delay when changing In-app Product price & description in Google Play developer console

How long does it usually take for the price / description change made in the Google Play Developer console to take effect and propagate to devices? I have two In-App products I am testing with a price and description change. Using getSkuDetails() from the IabHelper library I am able to query this information at app […]

How to create Android Google Play's Grid View like Widget with different size images loaded dynamically

Hi I have enclosed two app images which has grid view like widgets with different image heights and widths, loaded dynamically ,i need to create the same type of UI ,i could be glad if someone guide me to start with.

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