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How to determine if user cancels Google Play subscription?

About to build a subscription product into our Android app, but a little unclear on the best way to know about canceled subscriptions. The only way we are planning on letting the user cancel is for them to go to Google Play Store and explicitly cancel, but in this case, our backend won’t be notified. […]

Google Play Store Submit Update button disabled after making changes

I’m trying to provide more information about a build for the Store Listing. I’ve just made a change to the Full description field, and the Submit Update button is still disabled. I’ve tried changing other required fields also, to no avail. Here is some information about the state and environment: I’ve already successfully uploaded an […]

Android Market – Time to wait between two updates

I would like to know how many times I must wait to post an update for my application. I want to be sure that the update will appears in the “news” section of the Android Market.

Coupons for In-app Billing

We are about to release an application on the Android Market, with In-app Billing for subscription that unlocks certain features for a the subscription period. My boss now wants me to implement varying number of “free subscriptions” in the sense that: The “lucky user” downloads & installs the application from the Android Market like any […]

Update of Android system app, with/without platform signature

I have a system app that the OEM installs with the system image, but is signed by me. If I upload an updated apk to the market, will the market app silently install this update automatically? If my system app is instead signed with the platform signature instead of mine, this means any updates also […]

Do test accounts require real credit card to purchase via In-app Billing?

Inching slowly (but methodically) towards my first implementation of In-app Billing, I reached the point in which I can actually run the market billing sample application: The app is signed and uploaded to the AM, the “product list” has been created per the instructions and a test account has been set in both Google and […]

Testing Android IAP/In-App Purchase Subscriptions

I am implementing several Android applications to be launched on Google Play and they all have subscriptions using the Google IAP auto-renewing subscription product type. To test the app I have done the following: Uploaded a draft binary to Google Play but not published it. Created and published the Subscription product in the developer console. […]

“Package not signed correctly” appearing for some users

I have an app on Google Play for years that has seen countless updates. The latest update (the first one in a while) fails to install for some people, they simply get the “Package not signed correctly” error message. It works for my Android devices I have at home. I’m building and signing with a […]

Android “The payment method has been declined” for every payment method

I’m trying to implement in-app billing using Android, but I’m getting a weird error and I can’t find anyone online with a similar problem. I’ve done the following: Uploaded APK with billing permission to developer console as alpha build. Added Google group to test, with my personal gmail account as a member. Gone to the […]

Check if a package exists on Android Market

I am trying to find if a specific package already exists in Android Market. I know I have no problem to actually open the Market application in the package page: Intent intent = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_VIEW); intent.setData(Uri.parse(“market://details?id=” + PACKAGE_NAME)); startActivity(intent); But I want to know if it exists before I try this – so the user […]

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