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Google Analytics for Android v2 Campaign Tracking Not Working

I have spent a ton of time on this, and am now pulling my hair out. I am using the Google Analytics Android SDK v2. I have been using it for months, and have collected data using EasyTracker. No issues there. I recently tried to implement Campaign Tracking, and everything seemed okay, but after weeks […]

Android manifest VM minimal heap size

Is there an option to declare the required minimal VM heap size for the OS/device in Android manifest, such that the Android Market would only display the application for devices meeting the requirement and filter out the rest. I can detect the maximal VM heap size during the startup of the application, and fail if […]

Lost cert for published app

I have a free app published in Android market. I have lost the certificate used to sign the current version but I want to publish an updated version. Android market refuses to accept my upgrade because it is signed by a new certificate. I realize the users will have to uninstall the current version to […]

How to find Gmail account associated with Android Market?

I know how to find accounts (which will include gmail email ids of user) and how to filter gmail account. AccountManager am = AccountManager.get(context); Account[] accounts = am.getAccounts(); ArrayList<String> googleAccounts = new ArrayList<String>(); for (Account ac : accounts) { String acname = ac.name; String actype = ac.type; //add only google accounts if(ac.type.equals(“com.google”)) { googleAccounts.add(ac.name); } […]

Change a Paid Android app to a Free app with in-app purchasing

I have a successful paid for application on Google Play Store and want to update this app to be a free application with in-app purchasing. I have just completed developing the free version of the app which gives users restricted access which can then be unlocked using an in-app purchase system. The issue i have […]

Google Play Staged Rollout with modified screenshots

Using the Google Play Staged Rollout options, I can release a new version of my Android app to a small percentage of users. Depending on how successful it is, I would increase the percentage over a given period. I assume (because I can’t find it documented) that if I roll the app out to 10%, […]

Android Publisher Account on Android Market

I have made the payment of 25$ in Android Market on 2 Dec. But till now my developer account is not activated. I am unable to publish applications through it. Your Registration to the Android Market is still being processed. You can upload applications to the Android Market but you cannot publish until your registration […]

How to determine if user cancels Google Play subscription?

About to build a subscription product into our Android app, but a little unclear on the best way to know about canceled subscriptions. The only way we are planning on letting the user cancel is for them to go to Google Play Store and explicitly cancel, but in this case, our backend won’t be notified. […]

Google Play Store Submit Update button disabled after making changes

I’m trying to provide more information about a build for the Store Listing. I’ve just made a change to the Full description field, and the Submit Update button is still disabled. I’ve tried changing other required fields also, to no avail. Here is some information about the state and environment: I’ve already successfully uploaded an […]

Android Market – Time to wait between two updates

I would like to know how many times I must wait to post an update for my application. I want to be sure that the update will appears in the “news” section of the Android Market.

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