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Unpublish and app in Google Play for non beta testers only

I already have an app published in Google Play, and now I would like to unpublish it for anyone but a set of known beta testers. My problem is that if I unpublish it, it seems it also gets unpublished for beta testers (since the beta testers feature needs a published app). What could I […]

Android In-App-Purchase of Plugins?

I’m working on an Android app which requires plugins. These plugins are essentially asset packs for my application to use. I’ll probably be creating most of these asset package plugins initially, but I want other developers to be able to create (and sell) these asset packages for my app. If you need to, think of […]

Can I verify the transaction information of in-app billing with the Android Market server directly?

If I have the transaction information json string: { “nonce” : 1836535032137741465, “orders” : { “notificationId” : “android.test.purchased”, “orderId” : “transactionId.android.test.purchased”, “packageName” : “com.example.dungeons”, “productId” : “android.test.purchased”, “developerPayload” : “bGoa+V7g/yqDXvKRqq+JTFn4uQZbPiQJo4pf9RzJ”, “purchaseTime” : 1290114783411, “purchaseState” : 0 } } can i just upload it to Android Market server to verify if it is valid. Just like […]

You uploaded an APK that was signed in debug mode. You need to sign your APK in release mode error

I am trying to upload an Application on the Google Play store. I am building the .apk and signing it using Maven. I have used maven–jarsigner-plugin to sign the .apk file. I am using the key that I created using Eclipse wizard for signing another Android app. I zipalign the .apk file using the following […]

How to upload apk to play store that is having more than 100 MB size?

I want to upload apk and size is more than 100 MB. I have find some tutorials / blog for that. But I am still not clear what to do with that. Do I need to create expansion files or it will accept the apk directly? I have checked one application ‘Gears & Guts‘ on […]

Find out why an Android app is being uninstalled

My app is having success in Google Play with several million downloads. However, almost 50% of users have uninstalled it already. I don’t think that’s a critical number but I’d like to find out why users uninstalls it, so I’d like to ask it to users using a simple form, only to the ones who […]

Am I getting these steps right for checking a user's in-app billing subscription?

I am making an Android app that sells an in-app monthly subscription. Before I dive into it too much, does this outline of how this should be done seem about right? I am using the Google Play Android Developer API. The first time the app is installed, send the following in sendBillingRequest(): CHECK_BILLING_SUPPORTED. If not, […]

If I send a hotfix to a user, will they continue to get updates from the Play Store?

Say I have an application that users have installed from the Play Store, if one of my users reports a bug and I want to send them a patched version of the app to test, they can install it to their phone just fine. But if I then update the app on the Play Store, […]

Avoid Android Market filtering on optional use of location

In my app I try and use location information if it is available. Hence I have those permissions in my manifest: e.g. <uses-permission android:name=”android.permission.ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION” /> <uses-permission android:name=”android.permission.ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION” /> NOTE: I DO NOT have a for location, which is the tag I understood was used for filtering in Android Market. When I upload to Android market […]

Android Camera: require frontal OR rear camera

My app needs a Camera to work. However, it doesn’t matter if it’s a rear or frontal camera. Right now, I have this in my Manifest: <uses-feature android:name=”android.hardware.camera”/> To require a frontal Camera, I know I could also add this: <uses-feature android:name=”android.hardware.camera.front”/> But I’d like to support all devices that has EITHER camera. Is there […]

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