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Android Market/Google Play URL

How do I find my application’s market URL on the Android Market/Google Play?

Submitting scores to Google Play Games leaderboards and displaying new rank(s)

I’m working on a game where scores are submitted to leaderboards in an activity and the new high scores are displayed with ranks in a fragment. I have something (somewhat) functional, but the success rate is ~10%. The flow is as follows: Method handleLeaders This method gets the current scores for each leaderboard, and if […]

Identifying refunded Play Store downloads

Play Store is now automatically approving refunds if they happen with 2 hours after the purchase. I have an Android App where people can create and control a VPS gaming host from the app. That is, when you start the app you go through a sign-up flow and afterwards you have a VPS that runs […]

Android crash report with lots of <OR> in stacktrace

Our app is minified and the deobfuscated mappings is uploaded to Play developer console so I am expecting the real line numbers translated when there is a crash. However, the latest stacktrace shows lots of which is making it really hard to troubleshoot. Additionally there is no line number at all. Any idea how this […]

Android Studio – emulator: how to test API 15 x86 Google API

I want to test my app on older emulated devices but I cannot. e.g. API 15, I’ve installed the following packages: but when I’m prompted to chose the AVD’s image, I cannot find it: The first one doesn’t load, hangs for ever and it would be anyway useless as without Google APIs. The second is […]

Unable To Purchase In App Product from Google Play

I am using in app purchase in my app, for few days back it was working however when I try to purchase through an app I’m getting following error message in dialog “Your payment could not be processed at this time. You may receive an email asking you to verify your account. “ and “Purchase […]

Google Play – How to prevent downloading the large APK Expansion File when the user installs the APP from the market

many of my users have problems to install my App from the Play Store due to a lack of enought internal memory. The size of the App is: APK 37MB + EXPANSION 1,3 GB. I was aware that many users don’t want to have such big data in the system memory and implemented the licencing- […]

App Rejected from play store “designed for families”

This is the first game I have written and I am trying to publish it to Google Play store in the Designed For Families section. The app keeps getting rejected with the following feedback: Apps in Designed for Families must include metadata text and images that accurately reflect the app experience. I have read all […]

X509TrustManager implementation of fabric/crashlytics insecure?

Last week I got the infamous “Your app’s ssl cert validation is insecure” [link] warning for our app. As we don’t use a custom TrustManager, I scanned the app’s apk for occurrences of “checkServerTrusted”. The only class that came up is related to Fabric/Crashlytics (most probably io.fabric.sdk.android.services.network.PinningTrustManager). Does anyone know if there’s a problem with […]

Your device isn't compatible with this version for some devices

Sorry I know this question is already done, but I have not found solution on the posts I’ve read. I updated my app and now I can not download from Play Store in some devices as Nexus 5. I don’t know why Google says my device isn’t compatible, this is the manifest from my app. […]

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