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Campaign Measurement with own BroadcastReceiver

I’ve an Android app where user has to register. On sending registration, I want to send the parameters from the PlayStore (utm_source, etc.) to know from which campaign user comes from. So the idea was to use a own BroadcastReceiver for INSTALL_REFERRER, where I save parameters to a file. When user registers i will read […]

Can you use admob during alfa and beta testing in google play?

Simple question – can you use live AdMob ads (i.e. not in test mode) during alpha and beta testing in Google Play?

Screenshots are not uploading on Play Store

I have made one app live today and everything was working fine. The app was available within an hour after upload. After that I have changed the name of app and uploaded that again and that also worked fine and everything was OK and successfully updated on play store. Now the problem starts. When I […]

Google Play Store: App does not require any additional special permissions

Play Store update apps automatically if there are no change in permissions. But skype asked me to update app and when I clicked on update button I found this popup. So if there is no permission changed then why play-store showing this dialog. Actually I also developed one app and in that app also I […]

Google Play Top Charts app no longer ranked at all after changing title?

A few days ago, I got an alert in my play console that they added more characters to the app title limit. I have an extremely highly rated and high performing multiplayer game that was ranked in the top charts #31 out of many thousands in a very competitive game category and frequently in the […]

Options and best practices to release free and paid version of the same app to Android Market

I have installed a couple of free apps on my Android phone and then later “upgraded” to the paid full version. My first instincts for doing the same would be to create two apps with the same package name so that installing one overwrites the other, but apps in the Market must be unique by […]

getting a 500 error when using google purchasing REST API

I’m developing an android app that uses Google Play’s new subscription feature. Part of my app consists of a web server that periodically checks the status of these subscriptions via an API call. It also cancels some of these subscriptions. Google provides two REST APIs to accomplish this: https://developers.google.com/android-publisher/v1/purchases/get https://developers.google.com/android-publisher/v1/purchases/cancel I can get the first […]

How to check if a user has a subscription (Android in-app billing)?

I’ve been trying to use the Google Play Android Developer API but just realized that that might not be what I should be doing: Your servers should never query subscription status dynamically, based on individual requests from your Android application. -Google I don’t have my own servers and don’t anticipate over 15000 daily app uses […]

is it possible release an updated app by signing it with a different certificate than the one originally used

Is it possible to release an update of an android app by signing it with a different certificate than the one originally used? I know it gives an error message normally when we try to upload such a build to the market. But is there any way out, like marking it as a major release, […]

Some (but not all) users receive “Package file was not signed correctly” when downloading my app from Google Play

I have submitted and published an app in the Google Play store. I did not receive any errors when I uploaded my binary. Now, I am receiving reports from some (not all) customers stating that they are getting the following error when installing our App: “Package file was not signed correctly” When I try to […]

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