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Android setOnMyLocationChangeListener is deprecated

Android Google Map’s setOnMyLocationChangeListener method is now deprecated. Does anyone know how to go around it? Thanks.

How to hide current location in google map?

I have implemented google map in my project and i want to hide my current location marker and i need to show the button which allow to go my current location. As the google provides current location button but i want to hide current location marker. I am attaching image the will more helps you […]

Search locations inside a particular city in Google Places Apis

I am using Google Places Apis to filter results inside a particular city.I am able to filter results.but it also shows results out side of that city. For example if I set LatLngBounds of DELHI city and searching for a location in city NEWYORK. It also gives me result of NEWYORK city(but NEWYORK’s LatLng is […]

Android Google Map how to check if the gps location is inside the circle

I’m trying to detect if a user is in the radius of a Marker , using the users gps location. I have the marker’s coordinates, but I don’t know how to calculate whether the user is in the area. I’ve tried to use the following, but even when the current location is inside the circle […]

Extfiltrating Google Location History from Timeline

Note, due to changes to Google’s “Timeline” this previous answer no longer works. Google offers a “Timeline” service which allows users to access their phone’s location history. I want to extract my phone’s current location. If I select “today” in Timeline, I can “Export this day to KML” This contains the data I need, but […]

Android – Google Maps API v2 – NoClassDefFoundError

I try to run Google Maps with Intellij IDEA 12. I already tried advices: Embedding google maps android v2 in android Google Maps Android API v2 Authorization failure Unable instantiate android.gms.maps.MapFragment Google Maps Android API gives a NoClassDefFoundError and so on. But unfortunately that doesn’t work for me. My configuration: 1) real device htc wildefire […]

How to set google map loading tiles color?

Bright loading tiles on map with dark style don’t look good. Is there a way to change loading tiles colour?

Google Maps V2 shows blank screen on android 2.2

I tried following a tutorial on Android Maps V2 Quick Start But when I run the app, a blank map screen is shown. My phone uses android 2.2.1. This is what shows in logcat: 12-07 18:07:52.479: W/dalvikvm(1654): VFY: unable to resolve instance field 24 12-07 18:07:53.129: W/dalvikvm(1654): Unable to resolve superclass of Lmaps/a/du; (411) 12-07 […]

Getting street name from Address/Location object in Android

I’m trying to get the street name of my current location but I can’t seem to get it. I use this method to retrieve the Address: public Address getAddressForLocation(Context context, Location location) throws IOException { if (location == null) { return null; } double latitude = location.getLatitude(); double longitude = location.getLongitude(); int maxResults = 1; […]

Google Map on Android do not load

I had a working Google Maps in my application and I had to start to work with an other computer. So I downloaded my sources on this new computer with Android Studio and so one. And now, I am not able to make the Android Map displays anymore. I added the SHA1 from my new […]

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