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Missing Google Play Services in SDK Manager

I want to use Google Maps in my app. I want to install Google Play Services in the SDK Manager, but when I go to the SDK Manager, I don’t see Google Play Services! Why? How can I install this? Can I install this independently of the SDK Manager? I searched, but I could not […]

Setting a LongClickListener on a map Marker

is there a way to set a longClickListsner on a marker on google maps v2? I want to have the user long press on the marker and have a dialog show with options to delete or view information. Can this be done?

Android: Google Maps location with low battery usage

My app is currently using Maps by Google Play Services speficying: mMap.setMyLocationEnabled(true); I realize each time I am displaying the map in my app: the location is indicated on the map by a blue dot a location icon is displaying in the top bar if I go into Settings/Location of the phone, my app is […]

Theme Google Maps for Android

I recently managed to get an Ingress invite, and love the way the maps are themed in that. I know similar theming can be done for Google Maps in a browser, as shown here. Does anybody know how Ingress themed the map on Android? Is this a feature only available to Google, or can we […]

SlidingDrawer over GoogleMap

First of all, I know the SlidingDrawer is deprecated, but I haven’t found any alternative to it so I’m using it anyways :3 (If someone knows an alternative to it, please share it!) So I have a GoogleMap in my activity (actually a fragment but it doesn’t matter), and a nice SlidingDrawer in the same […]

how to get directions arrow without using google maps api

I am new to Android development and navigation applications. I am developing navigation app same as Google Navigation but with different path. I am able to get my own path. Now I want to show my path in app in the same fashion as Google Navigation app does. But I don’t want to use Google […]

Android Google Maps API v2 – how to change marker icon

I am trying to change marker icon. I get the image from one server directory. When I put break point every time the “bit” result is null. And when I run the app I get java.lang.NullPointerException. File file = new File(“J:\\!!! DOCUMENTS\\!Outsourcing\\AppStore\\Benzinostancii\\Petrol\\logo.png”); Bitmap bit = BitmapFactory.decodeFile(String.valueOf(file)); double Dlat = lat.get(index); double Dlon = lon.get(index); String […]

Google map cluster with direction

We have a Google map library to show multiples markers in cluster. I have two questions: 1. Can we show multiple Directions on Google map just like below image? 2. Can we show multiple direction details in cluster markers? cluster is like below: i will give you examples : fro country India i have save […]

My location button event listener

I enabled the my-location layer of the Google Maps Android API v2, which adds the floating button to go to the user’s current location. I need a way to detect a click on this button. Is this possible?

Move a marker between 2 coordinates following driving directions

I want to move a marker from one Latlng to another. I have used this code to move the marker smoothly based on Distance and Time. public void animateMarker(final LatLng toPosition, final boolean hideMarker) { final Handler handler = new Handler(); final long start = SystemClock.uptimeMillis(); Projection proj = googleMap.getProjection(); Point startPoint = proj.toScreenLocation(cabMarker.getPosition()); final […]

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