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Android – offline, non-vector based, custom maps

For an application I am working on, I need to display custom raster image tiles (not vector based, probably from satellite imagery), and I need to do so offline. I would like to use the MapView, but I cannot see a way to tell it to use custom, offline map tiles instead of pulling down […]

Google map showing additional copyright text on some devices

I am developing an Android app which uses Google Maps Android API v2. While testing the app on several devices, I noticed that one device (Galaxy S4) has started displaying extra copyright information along the bottom right corner of the map (in addition to the usual Google logo displayed in the bottom left corner of […]

How to change language Google Map V2 android

I am using google-play-service-lib. How can I change language of google map i.e. show locations in korian language or Hindi Language.

Custom OverlayItem not drawing

I created a custom OverlayItem class so that I could essentially have one kind of OverlayItem whose Drawable marker would set itself depending on the state of some data that I pass into it. I have attempted to accomplish this by, on my first attempt, utilizing the setMarker method within the OverlayItem class. Once that […]

How to store multiple datatypes in an array?

I’m looking for something like an Array, but it needs to store multiple data types. The Oracle Java tutorials says, “An array is a container object that holds a fixed number of values of a single type.” So if I can’t use an array for multiple types, what do I use? I’ve got this code […]

How to calculate distance from different markers in a map and then pick up the least one

I have to get distance from different markers on the map to the current location of the device and the pick up the shortest one. I have the lat and long for the markers and the current location lat and long can be fetched dynamically. Suppose I have 5 markers on the map, Bangalore (Lat […]

Identify if point is in the polygon

As per my requirement, I am drawing polygons on google map shown in the image below.(using maps v2) Now I need to show an alert when user enters that particular polygons. How to identify if my current location is with in the polygon. (Need optimized way without draining battery) Thanks in advance.

Adding buttons to map infowindow android

In the new Google Maps for Android API v2, I can very easily get custom markers and info windows to display. However, I’m trying to have multiple buttons inside of my info window, that each perform a different onClick action but the problem is, the map treats the InfoWindow as it’s own button object (no […]

Changing z-index (z-order) of map marker for Maps V2 in Android

I have several markers shown on my map that are either close to each other or even over top of one another. I need to have one specific marker always on top. It doesn’t matter if I add the marker to the map first or last, it often ends up being placed behind some markers. […]

How to take google Maps v2 snapshot?

i have to solve this with the new “snapshot maker” which is implemented in the google maps release august but i dont’ know how to do this. Can somone give me a simple example? here is my code: public class MainActivity extends Activity { static LatLng HAMBURG = new LatLng(47.524749, 21.632745); GoogleMap map; File dbFile; […]

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