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I can't see Android SDK javadoc in Eclipse

I am developing for Android in Eclipse Helios. I’m using the latest ADT plugin 8.0.1. Previously, I could see method javadoc description, when moving my mouse over a method name and waiting for about a second. Now it stopped working for some reason.

Why doesn't Eclipse see my Samsung Galaxy phone even though I can transfer files using a drive letter?

I developed my first (small) Andoid application using Eclipse and are now ready to transfer it to my Galaxy S mobile device (develping for Android 2.1) Following another thread in SE, I changed the run mode in Eclipse to manual in the hope that I would be able to chose my phone and/or AVD every […]

Installing Intel x86 Atom System Images offline (manually) for Android

I want to install the Intel x86 Atom System Image because my emulator speed is too slow. Each time I tried to install it from the Android sdk manager I failed getting this message:- Fetching URL: https://dl-ssl.google.com/android/repository/sys-img/x86/addon-x86.xml Validate XML: https://dl-ssl.google.com/android/repository/sys-img/x86/addon-x86.xml Fetching URL: https://dl-ssl.google.com/android/repository/sys-img/android-wear/android-wear-sys-img.xml Validate XML: https://dl-ssl.google.com/android/repository/sys-img/android-wear/android-wear-sys-img.xml Done loading packages. Preparing to install archives Downloading Intel […]

How to terminate android application while debugging in eclipse

When i right click in the debug perspective and select Terminate, Eclipse disconnects, but the process continues to run on the device. How can i get the program to actually terminate so no more code is executed on the device? Am i looking at a bug? I dont recall if this worked in Galileo. I […]

LG L90 doesn't install debug usb drivers

I have a problem with the driver for a LG L90. The ADT (for Eclipse) doesn’t see the smartphone. The problem is that the phone isn’t able to install the drivers. Does anyone have any idea how I can do? The drivers, that I tried to install, are those of the official website.

Annotation are only available for java 1.5 and greater when generating Google App Engine Backend(JDK 1.8, new ADT installed)

I installed fresh ADT: http://developer.android.com/sdk/index.html?hl=sk Then I installed: When I got into the Eclipse readme directory there is: Eclipse Project Release Notes Release 4.3.0 Last revised May 29th, 2013 I created fresh Android application then right clicked on it->Google->Generate Google App Engine Backend and this is what I got: Description Resource Path Location Type The […]

copy directory from assets to data folder

I would like to copy a quite big directory from the assets folder of my app to the data folder on the first run of the app. How do I do that? I already tried some examples, but nothing worked, so I don’t have anything. My target is Android 4.2. Thanks, Yannik

How to build a Maven Android project in eclipse

I am testing the code here : https://github.com/nkzawa/socket.io-client.java. Under features there is this sweet sounding line : “Android is fully supported”. But being completely new to maven I can make neither head nor tail of the instructions. How do I build a basic Android test project with this code? Simply adding the source code from […]

Cocos2D-X for android, Symbol 'cocos2d' could not be resolved

I start with Cocos2D-X for android following http://www.raywenderlich.com/11283/cocos2d-x-for-ios-and-android-getting-started. I run the demo in xcode and android with no problem, until I go to the ‘ Defining a Combined Java/C++ Project in Eclipse’ part. After I do all in this, I get the error Symbol ‘cocos2d’ could not be resolved for using namespace cocos2d; in jni/hellocpp/main.cpp […]

how to resolve “WARNING: Application does not specify an API level requirement”?

Hello I am writing an android application, but as I do run this application, the following application generates and application doesn’t appear on the windows, please help .. !!!! I will appreciate if I get right solution ,,,,,,

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