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DexFile.class error in eclipse

I get this weird error everytime I debug in eclipse. It just seemed to appear one day and I was wondering if anyone else was running int the same problem. It does not affect my app in anyway visibly and does not cause a crash but it is an annoyance while debugging. Here is the […]

Android app video recording when screen off

What I am trying to do is that make an app that can record video or audio while the screen is off. Either we start recording and then switch off the screen or the recorder should trigger with a voice or any other external command. In either case the app should keep on recording. Please […]

How to get the Android API documentation in Eclipse

I’d like to be able to integrate Android api docs into Eclipse so that, for example, if hover over an Activity class you get the appropriate Javadoc in a popup. So to add Javadoc to Android you open up any Android project in Eclipse. Location the “Android x.x” library. In this right click on the […]

Can you Disable DDMS in Eclipse

Does anyone know if it is possible to disable the DDMS in Eclipse? By that I mean DDMS should not being start when Eclipse is launched. I’d like to use only the DDMS from the terminal, but when I start it it keeps saying: Could not open Selected VM debug port (8700). Make sure you […]

What does the command “Fix Project Properties” exactly do?

What does the “Project->Android Tools->Fix Project Properties” Eclipse command exaclty do? I have read many times to use it, mostly in answers related with Android R generation problems in Eclipse, but for me it is like magic, I press on it and I suppose it Fixs some Project Properties, but nothing happens… no visual feedback, […]

Android sdk installation. Error: Invalid content was found starting with element 'd:skin'. No child element is expected at this point

I am setting up eclipse and the Android sdk environment on Linux Ubuntu 14.04. I have followed this tutorial exactly and now I am almost at the end, but I get this “no child element is expected at this point” What do I need to do? I am new to Linux, and yes I have […]

How to use Eclipse interactive console in debug

I’m trying to play with debug in Android app and, when a breakpoint is encountered, Eclipse shows me a lot of windows, one of which is the “Interactive Console” with a prompt: I think to be able to enter statements and/or other stuff, but it seems to be disabled. How can I work with it?

Eclipse LogCat shows only the first letter from each message

I installed android SDK and plugin on eclipse 4.4, and LogCat shows only the first letter from each message. an screenshot: The problem is probably in eclipse as I can see the LogCat well while running ‘adb logcat’. I tried to restart eclipse, adb, and changing LogCat fonts.

Copy/paste issue with eclipse Juno

I am using Eclipse Juno on Mac OS 10.7.4 and Android ADT. Some times when copying and pasting code the copy and paste event take place at the previous file that I had opened on the Editor. It does get fixed restarting Eclipse but it’s quite annoying. Is there a fix out there for this […]

The connection to adb is down, and a severe error has occured.You must restart adb and Eclipse.Please ensure that adb is correctly located

I know this question is asked multiple time and there are some alternative answer also.So please don’t close with some other link because i have added that link below. [2014-01-23 16:19:44 – adb] ADB server didn’t ACK [2014-01-23 16:19:44 – adb] * failed to start daemon * …. …. [2014-01-23 14:48:10 – My App] The […]

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