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Failed to create BuildConfig class error message in eclipse

i change nothing in google-play-services_lib SDK but i have x on this project and in console this error message “Failed to create BuildConfig class” Recently I have not changed anything in google-play-services_lib project or settings or update Eclipse when i try to clean the project i receive problem occurred with those details: Errors occurred during […]

dex loader unable to execute dex: method ID not in : 65536

iam building my application i got this error Dx warning: Ignoring InnerClasses attribute for an anonymous inner class (com.amazonaws.javax.xml.stream.xerces.util.SecuritySupport12$4) that doesn’t come with an associated EnclosingMethod attribute. This class was probably produced by a compiler that did not target the modern .class file format. The recommended solution is to recompile the class from source, using […]

A resource exists with a different case

I’m unable to build my android app due to a strange error: Description Resource Path Location Type The project was not built due to “A resource exists with a different case: ‘/ProjectName/bin/classes/com/Name/ProjectName’.”. Fix the problem, then try refreshing this project and building it since it may be inconsistent ProjectName Unknown Java Problem My file structure […]

Android: onListItemClick in Activity

Previous time I asked a question here I learned a lot so I guess it’s worth a shot to try it again. I am using the lazy list by Fedor from this link: Lazy load of images in ListView It’s working like a charm. BUT, Fedor is making his main class extend Activity instead of […]

Sort Android strings.xml in Alphabetical Order

While programming my Android app I just kept inserting elements in strings.xml with no order whatsoever. Is there a shortcut key (like Ctrl+Shift+F can organize android: attributes in an XML layout file) that sorts string elements alphabetically?

void… params meaning in java function declaration

I recently came across a java snippet .The function definitions have a different format than what i know till now . Following are the codes- protected Void doInBackground(String… params) { Log.i(TAG, “doInBackground”); //Invoke web method ‘PopulateCountries’ with dummy value invokeJSONWS(“dummy”,”PopulateCountries”); return null; } and a similar function with … in the parameter protected void onProgressUpdate(Void… […]

Android: Dx trouble writing output: already prepared

When I am running an android app in eclipse ADT, “Dx trouble writing output: already prepared” appears in the console, then the app runs as usual. What is the cause of this message and how can I fix this?

Can not install my own generated apk

I updated my app and tested it on my device. Everything works fine if I test the app via the run button in eclipse but if I export it into an apk and try to install the apk it fails. There is no error code or anything else, it just says the app has not […]

How to remove support library (appcompat_v7)

I’ve updated my eclipse and ADT Plugin to the latest version recently and recognised some big changes. Whenever I create a new Android Application Project there appears a new appcompat_v7 library which wasn’t present before and also a fragment_main.xml . Why is that? Why is the activity_main.xml file not preferred for activity layout directly anymore […]

android list files contained in assets subfolder

I create some folders into assets. Each folder contains files that I would like to list. I am using following code but I always get a null value for fileList. Thank you. I used, listFiles(“/assets/images/”,”nothing”); private void listFiles(String dirFrom, String dirTo) { File f = new File(dirFrom); String fileList[] = f.list(); if (fileList != null) […]

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