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Eclipse Juno won't create Android Activity

I downloaded Eclipse Juno Java EE edition and installed ADT plugin. I created a new Android Application Project from Eclipse and in the wizard I created an activity called TaskariActivity. After I pressed finish, it created the project but not the activity and the wizard didn’t close. I pressed cancel. No activity or anything in […]

Eclipse stops highlighting references after a while

When I open a Java file for editing in Eclipse, references highlighting works well for a while, but then suddenly stops working after some minutes. On this example, parameters was the last variable correctly highlighted, but now it’s no longer working and not highlighting anything else (it should highlight password): Toggling Mark Occurrences off and […]

Android Studio : How to change default cursor style and behavior?

In Eclipse and many other editors we’ve same behavior for these Cursor styles: Insert mode: The cursor inserts a character at its current position, forcing all characters past it one position further. Overtype mode : The cursor, when typing, overwrites any text that is present in the current location. But In Android Studio, this cursor […]

Simple swipe gesture to activity tutorial?

im looking for a turoial with source code on swipe gesutes, I dont want a view pager, I want a swipe gesture tutorial. here is one example I found but doesnt work for me http://www.eridem.net/android-tip-010-left-and-right-swipe-gesture-events I would like something like this, thanks Please no view pagers

Variable watchpoint doesn't work in Eclipse/ADT Android projects

public class Main extends Activity { int field = 0; /** Called when the activity is first created. */ @Override public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) { super.onCreate(savedInstanceState); setContentView(R.layout.main); int local = 0; field = local; local = field; } } I’ve put “watchpoint” on “field” and in “Breakpoint Properties” I confirmed that both access and modification […]

How to Debug Custom View in ADT's Graphical Layout Editor

How do I debug a Custom View in the Graphical Preview of a Layout XML using the ADT Eclipse plugin? I wrote a custom view, put it in a layout XML, and I can preview it in the ADT Graphical Layout Editor. I can view my custom view like how the Google guys did in […]

“Run as” android application is missing

SDK and ADT are installed and working, but when I run some android code, the “Run As” panel is empty. I need to go to Run configuration, click on Android application, make a copy, put the name of my project on the copy and the run it. Then it run properly on the emulator. How […]

What android target should I develop for? Android 4.4W or android 4.4L or android 4.4 kitkat?

Recently I have downloaded latest patches to eclipse and android SDK and now I’m really confused in the matter of developing my application… If I want to create a game on phones, tablets etc should I still choose the newest target like android 4.4W or should I choose Android 4.4L or maybe the earlier stable […]

Amazon AWS tutorials?

I was wondering if there is any tutorials for Amazon AWS, providing a step-by-step guide through setting up and hosting a simple application? E.g. a simple holiday image list application? I understand most of the components however I cant seem to link them logically together. I have an Amazon Free tier account, and I have […]

Unable to cmd+click on Java method in Eclipse in Mountain Lion

Yesterday I upgraded from Lion to Mountain Lion and today my productivity went down. I cannot perform “cmd + click” on a method or variable to go its declaration because the popup shown in eclipse contains a horizontal scrollbar which overflows the last option. Does anyone have a solution how to fix this? UPDATE: Just […]

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