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Android SDK Manager doesn't load the latest Android SDK Platform (API 17)

When I go to Android SDK Manager from eclipse and trying to Install new packages it doesn’t allow me to install any of them. Most of these new packages depends on installing “Android API 17 SDK platform”. But the “Android API 17 SDK platform” doesn’t load in the list on the Android SDK Manager for […]

Phonegap error android sdk build.xml:950 : null returned: 1

I’m trying to launch phonegap android app in android sdk, but I am receiving an error: [phonegap] detecting Android SDK environment… [phonegap] using the local environment [phonegap] compiling Android… [error] An error occurred while building the android project.Error executing “ant debug -f “/Users/me/Projects/one/platforms/android/build.xml””: BUILD FAILED /Applications/Android/adt-bundle-mac-x86_64-20131030/sdk/tools/ant/build.xml:932: The following error occurred while executing this line: /Applications/Android/adt-bundle-mac-x86_64-20131030/sdk/tools/ant/build.xml:950: […]

An Android Virtual Device that failed to load

Note: this question is very similar to another question posed much earlier by another person, but does not solve my problem. (not the same question here) Situation: I just installed Eclipse/ADK/Android SDK, etc. and made sure to download/install Android 2.2, 4.2.2, & 4.4.2 from the SDK Manager. I am now trying to create an Android […]

How to create n project with ADT r20 without including the android support library?

I have recently update my ADT to rev. 20, but now I find that newly created project always included the android support library. I don’t want to use the FragmentActivity class, which is defined in the support library, I just want to use the pure Fragment class. I tried to delete the support library via […]

Android Button text not centered when using API 17 for rendering

In the graphical view of layout, when I choose API 15 or lower from the button shown in the image below, the text in the encircled buttons looks fine. When I choose API 17, the text is displaced even though the xml code is same. Changing the button padding does not help. Is this just […]

Problem running my signed, release keystore in Eclipse

I am unable to run my signed, release keystore in Eclipse: I get the error: Keystore was tampered with, or password was incorrect How can I resolve this? Here is the error: Here is me successfully signing the keystore:

Blank Graphical Layout?

I don’t get this. I’ve searched everywhere and no one’s answers have solved this for me. Why does this keep happening? I can’t do anything! The XML Code is still there, but it doesn’t show anything in the Graphical Editor. The Palette comes up if I change it to “4in WVGA (Nexus S)” or some […]

Importing gradle project to eclipse

I have problem with importing this library into eclipse. Things I did: run gradlew.bat (inside project) that downloaded and installed it run CMD set my SDK with command “set ANDROID_HOME=C:\dev\android-sdk-windows” run command gradlew build after successful build image I tried to import project into my eclipse but it’s incomplete (without any classes) It’s first time […]

Move Android Eclipse project into workspace

Eclipse is really bugging me with this. I have an Android project that is not in the workspace. Since Android projects don’t work correctly if you use Eclipse’s Import>existing project you have to make a new Android project from a folder on disk. If this folder is in your workspace, it won’t work. If it […]

Eclipse android project not creating blank activity

Every time I create a new android project, I specify that I want to create blank activity. I get to the page where I name it. But after clicking finish, the blank activity is nowhere to be found. I know that I can create the blank activity file manually. But I want to know why […]

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