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Android / Eclipse / Premature end of xml file

Let me start by acknowledging that I did find a similar question on here but there was only one answer and that answer did not apply in my situation, so… I am just now wading into Android and have come upon a sticking point. I am using Eclipse and have run into a problem trying […]

Migrating SVN to Android Studio

I’m migrating my Android project from Eclipse to Android Studio. I use Subversion and am wondering how I can migrate my SVN to the new file structure used in Android Studio without losing my history. Thanks for any help!

Approach for fixing NoClassDefFoundError?

Possible Duplicate: NoClassDefFoundError – Eclipse and Android I’m seeing this question is getting asked a lot in many different contexts. Perhaps we can set some strategies for locating and fixing it? I’m noobish myself so all I can contribute are horror stories and questions, sorry… It seems this is thrown when a class is visible […]

Creating setup wizard on Android

In my application I need to ask the user some information in the beginning. Like Google asks users when they first launch the phone. Using Java and Android, how do I make the same kind of setup wizard for my application? I could create multiple activities and when moving to the next page in the […]

Error: Android source build in eclipse

While trying to add android source to eclipse, I am getting the following errors. Project ‘android’ is missing required library: ‘out/target/common/obj/JAVA_LIBRARIES/gsf-client_intermediates/javalib.jar’ Project ‘android’ is missing required library: ‘out/target/common/obj/JAVA_LIBRARIES/google-common_intermediates/javalib.jar’ FYI, I have built the source successfully with full_maguro-userdebug configuration (for Galaxy Nexus) before adding this to eclipse. Since I couldn’t find “create project from existing source” […]

Android NDK plugin installation in eclipse SDK

When I am trying to install Android NDK plugin from Android Developer Tools Update Site – https://dl.google.com/android/eclipse/ in my Eclipse, it is showing the the following error message – I am using Android Developer Tools from Google, Build: v22.6.2-1085508. And I have downloaded android-ndk-r9d-windows-x86_64. ‘Installing Software’ has encountered a problem. An error occurred while collecting […]

Google USB Package isn't showing in SDK Mananger

I recently downloaded and installed Eclipse Java EE IDE: Indigo Service Release 2. I made a simple application that runs well on the emulator; now I want to try and run it on my android mobile device. From the Android Developers site, I followed the instructions to do so until I got to the point […]

Failed to export application after upgrade to Proguard 4.8

I just upgraded my Android SDK, ADT and Proguard to the latest and greatest. My project compiles builds and runs fine in debug mode, but as soon as I try to export a signed release APK of it, I receive an error from the Export Wizard without any error log messages on the Eclipse console!* […]

Error while updating ADT 23.0.0 in eclipse

I already have gone through this question but it didn’t helped. Update eclipse with Android Development tools 23 While starting eclipse it shows below error. When I tried with Check for updates – it does nothing. Then I tried Help -> Install New Software -> “https://dl-ssl.google.com/android/eclipse/” It shows below error Cannot complete the install because […]

Android preferences freeze when using ADT Plugin v9 with Eclipse on Mac?

I just installed Eclipse 3.6.1 and added the ADT Plugin v9 on Mac OS X 10.6.6. When I go to preferences to add the path to the Android SDK, I get a popup with “Thanks for using the Android SDK!” with a checkbox for enabling usage stats. At this point, Eclipse freezes, and I can […]

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