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Type R is already defined error

How do I fix this? I already tried removing the R.java and cleaning the project via eclipse, but it doesn’t help. FYI I am trying to get PhotoStream from here: http://code.google.com/p/apps-for-android/, but so far it has been very difficult to get things work.

How to crash an Android app programmatically?

I want to test out crash report using acra but the first step is I need to simulate a fatal crash in Android using code. Any idea?

Strange Error in Eclipse Indigo

Has anyone ever seen this kinf of error in Eclipse Indigo? An internal error occurred during: “Label Job”. Illegal class name “com/sun+jdi/DoubleType” in class file com/sun/jdi/DoubleType Version: Indigo Service Release 1 Build id: 20110916-0149 I’ve added a new Schreenshot. Labebl Job is shown when i click on next step (F6, F8..) JDI thread evaluation is […]

Unhandled event loop exception in plugin org.eclipse.ui

I recently installed/updated eclipse environment. When I try to compile the code I’m getting the error as: Unhandled event loop exception and says the error is in the org.eclipse.ui plugin-in. Can any one help me on this?

How to use Linked Files in Eclipse for PhoneGap project with Android

Possible Duplicate: How to link assets/www folder in Eclipse / Phonegap / Android project? I want to develop the html and javascript files for my phonegap project in a different folder than the standard “assets/www” folder (for android sdk on eclipse windows). i thought i could include a linked folder in my eclipse project but […]

ClassNotFoundException after upgrading to ADT 18

Since I updated ADT to 19, I started to get following error. The problem happens whenever I start my apps. I checked all the previous post related to this, but it seems none of them helps. any idea would be GREATLY appreciated… My setup I currently have ADT 18, SDK 19, elcipse in Windows 7 […]

Custom Lint Rule not listed in eclipse / android studio

I have created custom android Lint check rule it works well when I run it from command line but Android Studio does not take that rule when checking it with “Inspect Code”.I have selected all the Lint Rules in Inspection Profile of android studio. What I did is Created JAR with custom lint check rule […]

Use multiDexEnabled without Gradle but Eclipse build process instead

Since the latest SDK version, its much more simple to create applications with multiple dex files ( https://developer.android.com/tools/building/multidex.html ), my question is, can this new feature also be used when I’m not using Gradle for the build process but the “old” Eclipse build chain? The “multiDexEnabled true” in the Gradle build file must be transmittible […]

Changing displayed Android device name in Eclipse

When attaching several Android devices to my development machine, it quickly becomes difficult to determine which device is which from Eclipse, because the device names appear to be represented as their serial numbers. For instance, the Devices list: Is there any way to display the phone model, or to change the device name?

How smart is Eclipse / ADT when it comes to Android Library Projects?

So, I’ve got a handful of “Utility” style classes in some of my projects. I’m curious if I can move them to an Android Library Project that contains all or most of my non-app specific glue code (wrappers and interfaces, mostly). So, my question is what happens to the files I don’t need in that […]

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