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SQLite in Android How to update a specific row

I’ve been trying to update a specific row for a while now, and it seems that there are two ways to do this. From what I’ve read and tried, you can just use the: execSQL(String sql) method or the: update(String table, ContentValues values, String whereClause, String[] whereArgs) method. (Let me know if this is incorrect […]

In eclipse, unable to reference an android library project in another android project

As I was writing up this question I managed to solve it so repeat it here for the benefit of others. Here is the initial problem: I have created a very simple library project which I want to reference in another project. I have done this previously with no problems so not really sure why […]

When does ADT set BuildConfig.DEBUG to false?

In the newest version of ADT (r17) a generated constant was added BuildConfig.DEBUG that is set according to the build type. The problem I have is that it is never set to false, I expected it to change when doing “Android Tools -> Export Signed Application Package” but it hasn’t for me. So how do […]

Moving and vanishing lines of code; trouble with Eclipse's XML Editor

Sometimes my code moves on its own or just disappears in the Eclipse XML editor. When I highlight the affected code, the highlighted lines try to correct themselves. But when I scroll or drag the mouse in the opposite direction the code shifts again. In essence I will have repeating, missing, and broken lines of […]

Eclipse / Android : “Errors running builder 'Android Pre Compiler' on project…”

Attempting to do some work on an Android project I haven’t worked on for a couple of months, yet every time I attempt to build the project Eclipse throws up a dialog saying: ‘Building workspace’ has encountered a problem Errors occurred during the build. Errors running builder ‘Android Pre Compiler’ on project ‘XXX’ java.lang.NullPointerException I’m […]

Which Android IDE is better – Android Studio or Eclipse?

I’m starting to develop for Android. Which IDE should I use – Android Studio or Eclipse sdk? I would like to know which one is better.

How to resolve “Waiting for Debugger” message?

I have HTC Comet connected to Eclipse with SDK 2.2. I do a debug build – the application does not run; though it does get installed on the device. On the device I get this message box on the Comet screen Waiting for Debugger Application HunyDew (process com.airvine.hunydew) is waiting for the debugger to attach. […]

Cannot create or edit Android Virtual Devices (AVD) from Eclipse, ADT 22.6

This problem sounds similar to a few others, except in my case the OK button is not grey-ed out. But for those who would rather not click the links… Trying to create or edit an AVD from within Eclipse, after entering my settings, the “OK” button seems to be “clickable”, but when I click it […]

Remove notification after clicking

I want that the notification will be closed after the user is clicking on it. I saw that everybody saying to use flags, but I can’t find the flags anywhere because I’m using NotificationCompat.Builder class and not Notification class. Someone have any idea how to make the notification remove by her self? Here is my […]

Android Studio Project Structure (v.s. Eclipse Project Structure)

I’m trying to learn android development and I am initially confused by the different project structures between Eclipse and Android Studio. This makes it difficult to follow tutorials designed for Eclipse. Could anyone let me know why these differences exist? Should they exist? For instance, if I were to locate the R.java file in the […]

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