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Eclipse Workspace Best Practices

So far I’ve used Eclipse to develop just one product, but now I’m starting another, totally independent project (both are Android apps). So is the common practice to develop each project in its own workspace? I’m not extremely familiar with Eclipse, but it seems to do some things by searching all the projects within the […]

ADT wont update to 23 because of dependency conflict

I am just starting android dev and was launching adt for the first time after installing all the past APIs from the sdk manager (down to 2.2 froyo) and i get an error telling me to update, but when it checks for an update it says no new updates. moreover when i try to manually […]

Debugging error on Android emulator: black screen

I found a problem while I was trying to debug the next code: package course.examples.theanswer; import android.app.Activity; import android.os.Bundle; import android.widget.TextView; public class TheAnswer extends Activity { public static final int[] answers = { 42, -10, 0, 100, 1000 }; public static final int answer = 42; @Override protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) { super.onCreate(savedInstanceState); setContentView(R.layout.answer_layout); […]

Integrating MuPDF as a library project (Android)

So I have built this project based on a pdf reader(MuPDF). I used ndk-build for that. The name of this project is ChoosePDFActivity. I know that it has been correctly built because I can see a .so file inside my libs/armrabi-v7a/THISISTHEFILE.so. My question is, how do i Correctly make this project a library project and […]

Which Eclipse for Android?

Should I use 32-bit Eclipse or 64-bit Eclipse for Android development? Im on a MacBook Pro (Core 2 Duo). Does it matter which version for Android coding?

How to pause Eclipse on any exception?

I found the “Add Java Exception Breakpoint” menu item but it only seems to work on the exact exception type that I select. So if I ask it to break on Exception, it does not break in case of a NumberFormatException. How do I make it break for all exceptions? My activity is exiting for […]

ADT Installation error

Im having a problem during I install ADT in eclipse Helios in Windows XP.. after I put this https://dl-ssl.google.com/android/eclipse/ in Repository, it says Duplicate Location and I can’t click for the next step..Thanks in Advance

Android Eclipse emulator problem: Runs WVGA(hdpi) as a mdpi screen

The problem I am having is that when I run a FWVGA or WVGA sized emulator it sometimes runs at a MDPI size instead of HDPI. Here is an example with pictures http://wonton-games.blogspot.com/2010/06/emulator-problems.html I create the AVD with the proper hw.lcd.density setting and screen size and it randomly does this. There doesn’t seem to be […]

Can't change default output folder

all I can’t change the default output folder in Eclipse. When I open “Properties” -> “Java Build Path” -> “Source”, the default output folder is <project_name>/bin/classes I changed it to <project_name>/bin save and clean-build this project. It changed back to <project_name>/bin/classes This happened after I updated my ADT plugin to 15.0.1 Some configurations: Eclipse: Eclipse […]

How to switch or change between the tabs in android sdk graphical layout?

I am trying to change or switch between two tabs that I have within the eclipse graphical layout so that I can see the elements on the other tab. Is this possible? the only way I could see of doing this is to make the second tab, briefly be the first as that is what […]

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