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Error:Must have one-pixel frame that is either transparent or white in Android Studio

I have just imported a project from eclipse to Android studio. Almost for every second image , android studio is giving the following error. Error:Must have one-pixel frame that is either transparent or white. I am trying to edit my images for last few hours, but couldn’t do it. Can anyone guide me whats the […]

cannot connect to VM

I made a test class in my android project to check if my database works. But when I want to debug this class it gives me an error: “Cannot connect to VM”, in details it says also “Socket operation on nonsocket: configureBlocking”. When I try debugging a test class in another project it works and […]

Create portable android development environment

I would like to have a portable android development environment that I could take everywhere (e.g. a usb stick). The idea is to have a folder that would include: eclipse android-sdk jdk .android (folder that contains the avd‘s and keys) workspace I installed Eclipse 3.7.0, added ADT plugin and added option “-vm ../jdk/bin/” in eclipse.ini […]

Compiling and running ApiDemos

I’m trying to compile Google’s ApiDemos that come with the Android SDK. But I just CANT GET IT TO RUN! It makes me crazy already!! When I create a new project in Eclipse based on the sample (target 1.5 or 1.6) and try to compile and run, I get almost a thousand errors. Not what […]

Eclipse Indigo Android ADT – install OK, no “Android” option in Preferences and New Project

I have Eclipse (Indigo Service Release 1, Build id: 20110916-0149) running on Win XP. I’ve added https://dl-ssl.google.com/android/eclipse/ and installed 4 plugins, including ADT, and restarted Eclipse. Installed software list shows Android plugins are installed. But nothing appears in Preferences, and there are no Android-type project in New Projects. Later I check Eclipse’s directories and there […]

ADT R22 – Proguard – Can't find referenced class

For most of us the latest ADT update destroyed the whole workspace. After hours of repairing my projects I am able to compile and run it again. But Proguard is not working anymore. I get tonnes of can’t find superclass or interface can’t find referenced class The project what I am trying to compile is […]

How to duplicate an SDK-sample project into workspace?

My goal is to duplicate the NotePad sample project such that if I tinker with the source files in order to learn through experimentation, the original sample files will not be affected. The rational behind this goal is explained very well in bullets 1-2-3 in this post by @Neutrino. Based on @Neutrino’s post, I performed […]

Add dependencies via gradle to eclipse in android project

i have a problem adding dependencies automatically to eclipse android project via gradle. I have only a little bit experience with gradle. Till now I have build two java projects with gradle. One jar and an executable-jar. This works without problems. I have used the eclipse plugin to generate the eclipse project and add the […]

Building an Android Project from Command Line with Eclipse

I created a “Hello World” Android Project in Eclipse (Indigo) on Windows 7 64-bit. It’s using Android SDK 1.6. It builds from the IDE without any problems. Now I want to build it from the command line. I found this question: Opening an eclipse project through command prompt or batch file and Headless Building with […]

Fixing Eclipse errors when using Android NDK and std::vector

I’m using eclipse to develop an android app that also uses the ndk. I vectors in my app and I’ve done the necessary stuff to get them by including APP_STL := stlport_static In my Application.mk Everything is working fine it compiles and runs but Eclipse keeps giving me errors when I use the vectors std::vector<int> […]

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