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Trouble configuration of mockito with eclipse. Gives error: java.lang.verifyError

When i add my mockito library to class path, and use a simple mockito example for testing where i try to return a wrong value for the function add by using the mock object, i get java.lang.verifyerror. Following is the code used for testing followed by logcat. @Test public void testadd() { maincode obj2=mock(maincode.class); when(obj2.add(0, […]

Android running really slow in debug mode

Possible Duplicate: Slow Android emulator I am trying to run an android application in debug mode in eclipse and it is really slow. How can I improve the performance?

Importing gradle project, android error

I am trying to import a libgdx project (desktop, ios and android) to eclipse on my mac, which I have in my local git repository. When I try to import my project to eclipse ( Import >> Gradle >> Gradle Project, and then add my Root Folder for the whole libgdx project), I try to […]

Android: How should I respond to “Hot Code Replace Failed” dialog in Eclipse?

When my Android application is already running and I change the code I get the “Hot Code Replace Failed” dialog. I’m wondering what the correct response is (terminate or disconnect) if I want Eclipse to update my code on the device when I encounter it. What is the difference between terminate and disconnect? Also, I’m […]

Android SDK DDMS in Eclipse not recognizing my Android Phone

I just purchased a ZTE Cricket X500 running 2.3.4 for the purpose of testing my Android apps on. When I start the DDMS in the Eclipse Android SDK the device is not listed. The phone is in debug mode, Unknown Sources is enabled, and as far as I can tell the neccesary USB drivers have […]

Cannot compile, Unable to execute dex, cannot merge, non-jumbo instruction

I’m needing some help because I can’t get the solution by my own, I had read a lot of post and investigating a lot but without solution. I’ve a proyect that have some subprojects ( actionbar,sliding,facebook,etc.. ) and when I try to compile it I receive following error all times. [2013-07-31 14:44:06 – Dex Loader] […]

Facebook SDK + SlidingMenu SDK = Jar mismatch! Fix your dependencies

So I have added the Facebook SDK and the SlidingMenu SDK into my Android project, however I am getting those nasty “Jar mismatch” errors. I have already removed the android-support-v4.jar file from my libs folder, yet the error persists. Any ideas on how to fix this? (I have also tried deleting the files from the […]

Problem Pushing Large File to Emulator/SDcard with Eclipse DDMS

I am using Eclipse DDMS to push a file over onto my Android Emulator sdcard. I select the file and press Open, a dialog pops up and starts pushing the file. In the view “File Explorer” in the DDMS perspective I can see the sdcard directory and can see my file created in it. Then […]

SherlockActionBar: Export signed apk, then Eclipse crashes :(

Today I finished testing my new android app.. I use SherlockActionBar. Import as an /library My OS is Ubuntu 12.10 64bit.. I can build the .apk from Eclipse and the app runs on my Android 2.3.3(mobile) and my Android 4.0(tablet). But when I try to: Android tools -> Export signed application package, then Eclipse crashes […]

How can i open the .db file . The .db file is generated from eclipse(android) form DDMS–>File explorer–>data—>data–>packagename–>database…?

The .db file is generated from eclipse(android) form DDMS–>File explorer–>data—>data–>package name–>database….? Then select the database and click push a file from device and save it as .db file….How can i view this data base…

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