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Cannot create an emulator with Android L (API 20)

I have updated to ADT 23 and SDK manager with Android L (API 20 L preview), but I am not getting the “Android L” in the target list. Done restarting the Eclipse many times. doesn’t work. Some one please tell me what I am doing wrong.

Why I have “Setting airplane_mode_on has moved from android.provider.Settings.System ” into the logcat when my app has nothing to do with that?

I didn’t found any reference on-line. Just some logcat with the same line, apparently from Android 4.2+ and possibly from CyanogenMod devices, like the GT-I9100 I own. Developing my android App in Eclipse, I keep getting this line, once in a while, into the LogCat view, auto-filtered with my app’s package name. So it seems […]

VM error while Build Cordova PhoneGap

I got this error while i tried to create a Cordova PhoneGap application, and in the final step while I use the build command cordova build android I got this error: Error D:\rmapp>cordova run android Running command: D:\rmapp\platforms\android\cordova\run.bat ANDROID_HOME=D:\Android\sdk JAVA_HOME=C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jdk1.7.0_71 WARNING : No target specified, deploying to device ‘’. Running: D:\rmapp\platforms\android\gradlew cdvBuildDebug -b […]

ERROR: Application requires API version 14. Device API version is 13 (Android 3.2.1)

I am following a tutorial for creating a simple application in Android, and compiling it with Eclipse on Linux. The problem is that when I first created the project, I used the target API 14. But my tablet only has API 13, so I have changed it in project > properties > android to API […]

Unable to run imported project

I have a few projects that were previously tested to be working in 1 PC. I’ve since moved to another Windows XP PC, and I’ve setup the development tools on this XP system. I’ve downloaded and installed the following in order: 1. Eclipse Classic 3.6.1 2. JDK v6(jdk-6u23-windows-i586.exe) 3. Android SDK Tools rev8(installer_r08-windows.exe) 4. SDK […]

aapt error 138 processDebugResources

Ran in to this frustrating error today when building/making project, this seems to be since installing Android SDK 22.6 (have tried the 22.6.1 too) using build tools 19.0.1,19.0.2 and 19.0.3. The aapt error is causing R.java not to be generated. I thought it was something project related as I have another project that builds ok. […]

Problems with importing Android platform classes

I’m new to Android. It seems there have been way too many problems just getting eclipse and the SDK setup with everything just where it should be. I’ve been working on an example from the Android Developer website, but it’s throwing an error saying: The import android.support cannot be resolved I’m trying to import the […]

Error when exporting archive file or file system with Eclipse (Android)

I want to export my project in order to reuse the code into a new project. Every time I try to export it, both “file system” and “archive file” I get error Problems were encountered during export: Error exporting name_of_my_project/bin/jarlist.cache: Resource is out of sync with the file system: ‘/name_of_my_project/bin/jarlist.cache’. Resource is out of sync […]

android – Call requires API level 9 (current min is 8): android.os.StrictMode#setThreadPolicy

I am new to JSON. I followed this tutorial to create sample app. When i try to copy the code to my eclipse it show error. Call requires API level 9 (current min is 8): android.os.StrictMode#setThreadPolicy Please advice. Thanks

Failed to create BuildConfig class error message in eclipse

i change nothing in google-play-services_lib SDK but i have x on this project and in console this error message “Failed to create BuildConfig class” Recently I have not changed anything in google-play-services_lib project or settings or update Eclipse when i try to clean the project i receive problem occurred with those details: Errors occurred during […]

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