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I'm getting “Error: No resource found that matches the given name (at value with value @integer/google_play_services_version)”

I’m developing an app on Ionic Framework/cordova, and when I try “cordova run android” I get this: “Error: No resource found that matches the given name (at value with value @integer/google_play_services_version)” I don’t really know what is happening, I tried to set the value with a fixed value (I know is not the best solution), […]

Can't install Cordova plugins from Git on CLI

I have been racking my brain on this for a while now. I am developing an Android app on Windows 7 in Cordova 3.4 and I can’t get any of the non-core plugins to install (like Google Analytics, Social Share). I know that I have plugman, node, git, cordova, and the CLI installed because when […]

What are the limitations and disadvantages of Phonegap or HTML5 as compared to those of Android

I am curious to know if there are any drawbacks or limitations of using Phonegap as compared to using Android. What else can we do that cannot be accomplished using the other platform? Why would one specifically choose Phonegap over Android (besides budget or cross platform compatibility) or vice versa ? I am looking for […]

Download files and store them locally with Phonegap/jQuery Mobile Android and iOS Apps

I wrote an jQuery Mobile app and packaged it with Phonegap to iOS and Android apps. At this point I am using locally stored json files to read data. I would like to update these json files from time to time by downloading newer json files from a server. How can I get the json […]

Which IDE for Phonegap? Is Eclipse enough?

I am about to jump into Phonegap and realize that it doesn’t have an IDE of its own. I know that I could use Eclipse to create Android-centric Phonegap apps, but what about the iOS and perhaps Windows Phone and perhaps Blackberry “versions” – can Eclipse be used for all of it? What do most […]

startForeground causing problems with cordova

I’m using a service in my cordova app which generates a startForeground notification in the onCreate. If the app is killed via swipe and started again, the cordova device-ready event isn’t fired anymore. It seems the cordova object itsself is not defined when the app is restarted. I get the following error message: E/Web Console(19472): […]

HTML file input in android webview (android 4.4, kitkat)

I was using the <input type=”file”> on the android webview. I got it working thanks to this thread: File Upload in WebView But the accepted answer (or any other) no longer works with android 4.4 kitkat webview. Anybody knows how to fix it? It doesn’t work with target 18 either. I’ve looking some android 4.4 […]

Cordova app that doesn't use push notifications: “Missing push notification entitlement”

We’ve got a Cordova based iOS app that does not use push notifications. As of Cordova 3.5.0, each submission we have made to the app store results in an email informing us that our app includes API used to register with Apple’s Push Notification Service, but doesn’t have push notification entitlement. The app has been […]

How to solve “Your APK's version code needs to be higher than 2.” in Google Play's Developer Console?

I’m getting this error when uploading my Phonegap app to the Google Play Developer Console: Your APK’s version code needs to be higher than 2. How can I fix this?

Is PhoneGap a good choice for App Development?

I am a new iOS Developer, but knows nothing about Android development and Java at this moment. I am going to invest time in learning a tool to develop Android version of apps. PhoneGap sounds powerful for its cross-platform ability, but I am not sure if there are any drawbacks. Could anyone tell me the […]

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