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Removing cordova plugins from the project

Somehow in my app many of the cordova plugins are installed and because of that it requires access to almost everything – from my contacts to current location ( even though this app doesn’t need this ). This app is build via jenkins and as far as I understand one solution is to remove every […]

Difference between Phonegap and Sencha Touch

I read many documents regarding to Phonegap and Sencha Touch. But i still confused with these two. I have already created one native android application. Now, i want to create same application which run on multiple device. So, i am confused with these two frameworks. Which is the best one from these two to use […]

How to check cordova android version of a cordova/phonegap project?

I have received a Security Alert from Google this week that tells me to upgrade my android version of cordova app. The email from google is as below – This is a notification that your –apps ids–, is built on a version of Apache Cordova that contains security vulnerabilities. This includes a high severity cross-application […]

debug javascript in android emulator with phonegap

I am new to phonegap and android development. May I know how can I debug javascript error on the emulator? I have heard about ADB may I know how can I use and install it on windows 7 system? I have an ajax called with jsonp but no response on emulator. However, I can call […]

Creating an Android Service with Phonegap? (Have phonegap app run even when closed)

I have been working on an Android app using Phonegap and now would like to make it so when the app is closed it can still execute the java/js code in the app. So I understand I need to create a service. If I create a service plugin on phonegap can I still execute the […]

how to scan barcode using phonegap

I need to scan a barcode using phonegap in Android and iPhone. Is there a way to do this?

phonegap – splash screen for Android app

Could anybody please advise how I can add a splash screen to my HTML5 Phonegap based Android App. I just want it to display for 5 seconds on load. Also – can anybody advise what dimensions the splash screen should be.

Communication between Android Java and Phonegap Javascript?

I believe that it’s possible to call Java methods from (PhoneGap) Javascript. Anyone knows how to do that?? (I know how to do it by changing the source code of PhoneGap, but I’d avoid that)

Struggling between native and phonegap, simple app requirements

I’m going to make a native (meaning; not in the browser) mobile app. Since I’m a web-developer I’m struggling to decide whether or not I should try Phonegap or just build an native app in java or objective-c. The app requirements are simple. GPS/wifi location, Facebook integration and I guess I’ll need a database to […]

cordova platform add android not working while listing Android targets

I got problem when i want to add an android platform to my phoneGap application. I got this message in my CLI when i execute the command cordova platform add android : Checking Android requirements… (Error: An error occurred while listing Android targets) I already try to add my android sdk location in the path […]

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