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Ionic 2 : Run a background service with cordova

I use Ionic 2 and I want to my app do some task when the app is closed. Something like Gmail who continue to notify all the time. I found this : https://ionicframework.com/docs/v2/native/background-mode/ But I want to create a specific service with specifics method who run in background. This plugin all the application run in […]

The right way to make cross-platform RTMP streaming/playing app. Phonegap livu plugin?

If we need to write a cross-platform mobile app, which supports playing and broadcasting RTMP video streams. I know that one can use Android native libs and Objective C also have some. But can we do it truely cross-platform and without using unsupported Flash, Adobe AIR or other external components? Which is the right way […]

How to completely disable soft keyboard for all input in Android webview

I am using phonegap to develop a web app for Android, and since I will have my own keypad in HTML, I need to disable android‘s system keyboard, preventing the it from showing up when the user clicks on any text input field. I don’t want to use readonly input field or onblur() since I […]

Cordova – check_reqs module is missing for platform. Skipping it

I am having issues with an Cordova application originally built on Ubuntu but when I try to load the very same Cordova application onto my Windows 10 machine I get into issues. When I run the following command this is the response I get : $ cordova requirements //output from cmd Requirements check results for […]

Chrome's Data-Saver feature enabled in Crosswalk WebView?

In Chrome version 45.0.2454.85 the Developer Tools show a yellow warning at the top of the window with the text: “Consider disabling Chrome Data Saver when debugging” whenever I connect to my Cordova/Crosswalk app on my phone. Is Data Saver enabled in the Crosswalk plugin (version 1.2, WebView version 44.0.2403.117)? If so, can I turn […]

Cannot build signed android package through visual studio cordova

I am trying to build a signed release package for my Android application using Visual Studio 2015 Cordova Tools. I am using Cordova 5.1.1, which requires that I supply the build process with a build.json file, telling the application where the keystore are and what password is using. However when I add the build.json file, […]

How to use dynamic source in jquery combo box in an android application using phonegap

I am using phonegap to develop an android application. There is an auto complete select box in the application for which I used the jquery combo box. The combo box is working fine when I am using a static source for the combo box. But I have to use a dynamic source for it, since […]

Build error after adding Crosswalk plugin to a Cordova Android project

I’m using the latest cordova android (5.1.0). The project is building and running fine without crosswalk, but after I add the crosswalk plugin using cordova plugin add https://github.com/crosswalk-project/cordova-plugin-crosswalk-webview.git I get the following build error: Error:15:53:54.127 [ERROR] [system.err] /Users/or/Projects/Test/cordova/platforms/android/src/org/crosswalk/engine/ XWalkWebViewEngine. java:48: error: cannot find symbol 15:53:54.127 [ERROR] [system.err] import org.xwalk.core.XWalkGetBitmapCallback; 15:53:54.128 [ERROR] [system.err] ^ 15:53:54.128 [ERROR] […]

Initiating a Phonegap plugin after device restart

I am in the process of developing a hybrid Phonegap app for Android. The app uses just the one plugin which I am developing as well. The plugin does three things Watches for geo-location changes (both foreground and background) Sets up a half-hourly alarm to perform certain periodic tasks Listens for push messages. I use […]

Animated splash screen with Phonegap

Is that possible to add animated splash screens for Android and iOS Phonegap apps? I tried to add animated .gif as splash screen file for Android but it doesn’t work. I.e. there is no animation, the only thing I can see is first frame of the .gif. And also is there a way to add […]

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