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Screen Scrolls while typing Using JQTouch in an Android PhoneGap app?

I have made an app using JQtouch, Jquery, and PhoneGap. When you type in a form’s field, the entire page scrolls up or down each time you enter a character. I have searched everywhere for solutions but cannot find one. There was a similar problem here: https://github.com/jquery/jquery-mobile/issues/638 but his solution did not solve my issue. […]

Android Key Hash for Facebook with Cordova

I’m developing a hybrid app with Meteor and Cordova. I’m trying to configure Facebook Connect and got it working on iOS but I’m stuck on android. I cannot seem to find the correct key hash. I always get the message: Invalid key hash. The key hash … does not match any stored key hashes. I […]

Phonegap (online build) app – no internet connection and network status

My first jquery mobile app contains elements which needs datas from Internet sources like public Google calendars and Amazon affiliate widgets but it works only when I testing in my chrome browser or on a Kindle Fire device with the html5 app tester. If I build android release apk with the online Phonegap, the Kindle […]

How to use android native code in phonegap?

I am developing an android application using phonegap and i came across some things which are quite easy to implement in android native code when compare to phonegap. So i want to know is there any way in which i can make use of android code by not changing my phonegap cross platform?

EPIPE (Broken Pipe) Bug while using FileTransfer-plugin with cordova 2.0

I have a cordova 2.0 app for android. I use the FileTransfer Plugin, to load some Data to my server. The first time, the upload is performed, everything works fine. But then I get a EPIPE (Broken Pipe) error. If I simply push the upload-button again, it works. How can I prevent the error? 09-28 […]

Can an Android Fragment overlaying the PhoneGap Activity?

The following image should represent an PhoneGap/Cordova app which is marked in blue. The red area should be an Android Fragment. Is it possible tho have an Android Fragment which overlays a PhoneGap Activity? Edit: The overlaying Android Fragment should the tasks like image manipulation. How do I have to write a PhoneGap plugin that […]

Uncaught ReferenceError: Media is not defined

I’ve been trying to get the Media element to work in PhoneGap when deploying to Android. Here’s what I did so far: Download and install the below: Java (Version 7 Update 25) http://java.com/en/download/index.jsp Java SE Development Kit 7u25 (64 bit) http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/jdk7-downloads-1880260.html Ant (1.9.2) http://www.apache.org/dist/ant/binaries/ NodeJS (v0.10.18 64 bit) http://nodejs.org/ Android SDK (ADT Bundle for Windows) […]

How to redirect towards GPS setting window in android or ios using phonegap for on or off a GPS

I want to implement a functionality like Native android in phonegap in which when user want to enable gps at that time via button click it will be redirected to setting section of android or IOS so that user can on the button of GPS Because programatically we can not directly on or off the […]

Cordova jar is missing in phonegap 3.5.0

Before I am using phonegap 2.7.0. so for phonegap update, I have installed the phonegap version 3.5.0 using node.js, but in the phonegap folder there is no cordova jar file. If I create a project in ADT how can I add cordova.jar and cordova.js? I am unable to see any jar file in phonegap folder. […]

How create notification on status bar using phonegap

how to create a notification in the status bar on android as shown below using phonegap? This is the example of notification that i want. notfication example

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