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Android soft keyboard hides inputs from CordovaWebView when in fullscreen

I have a CordovaWebView that presents some html forms. When i focus on an input field, the Android’s soft keyboard pops up and, for certain fields, according to their position, it gets on top of it. Basically, it is not resizing the layout of CordovaWebView. Whatever i do, i can’t change this, and it is […]

Cordova android 5.1.1 APK obfuscation with proguard confusion

With tools like dex2jar and jdgui2 it is very easy to inspect the contents of the APK. We are trying to use Proguard in our Cordova project to “protect” a few classes that contain information we want to keep secret (Mainly keys to decrypt some content we try to protect for our client). We cannot […]

Can't draw on a HTML5 Canvas using Phonegap 2.7

I’ve found a simple drawer example online. It works fine on the PC. When I run it, using Phonegap 2.7, on my Galaxy S4 (4.2.2), with Android 2.2 or 4.2.2, for the project, it just doesn’t draw anything at all. What am I doing wrong ? <html lang=”en”> <head> <meta charset=”utf-8″ /> <title>Desktops and Tablets</title> […]

Phonegap android add windowSoftInputMode using config.xml

I am creating a phonegap application and for android build I want to set the windowSoftInputMode property of Andriod manifest file using config.xml. Is there any way to do it using config.xml or command line.Kindly suggest. Thanks in advance.

PhoneGap on Android: Loading a WebApp from a remote server

My Android PhoneGap application works completelly as expected when I copy all the web files (html, JS, CSS…) to the www folder of the project, and compile the application with these files. But when I do not copy them, and make a redirection to my Web Server containing these files (i.e. in the WWW folder […]

how to get google project id and pushwoosh app id?

i am trying to push notification from phongap. i followed following tutorial http://www.pushwoosh.com/programming-push-notification/android-gcm-push-notifications-guide/ but there i need to have google project id and pushwoosh app id. so basically what is the process to get these ids..??? any help will be appreciated!

Making and monitoring phone call within phonegap

I’m considering building a PhoneGap app that would work with my web app via web socket. It would receive the instruction to dial a phone number, run in the background while the phone call is in progress, detect when the phone call picks up and when the call hangs up, and then resume so that […]

Cordova plugin blocking thread

I’m creating a custom plugin for an Android cordova/phonegap application, and the native Java side fire’s up an activity that includes a callback called by a service it starts. The idea is that callback gets hit every second or so from the service and works great, but the problem is that I can’t seem to […]

Screen Scrolls while typing Using JQTouch in an Android PhoneGap app?

I have made an app using JQtouch, Jquery, and PhoneGap. When you type in a form’s field, the entire page scrolls up or down each time you enter a character. I have searched everywhere for solutions but cannot find one. There was a similar problem here: https://github.com/jquery/jquery-mobile/issues/638 but his solution did not solve my issue. […]

Android Key Hash for Facebook with Cordova

I’m developing a hybrid app with Meteor and Cordova. I’m trying to configure Facebook Connect and got it working on iOS but I’m stuck on android. I cannot seem to find the correct key hash. I always get the message: Invalid key hash. The key hash … does not match any stored key hashes. I […]

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