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HTML 5 File input with iOS and Android

In a PhoneGap app I tried to use camera using HTML5 input tag like this. create new project using CLI Add iOS and Android platform Add camera plugin build for both devices run on both devices (Actual device IPhone 5 with iOS 7.1.2 and Android 4.4.2 (Samsung Note)) Following is the code line that I […]

Ionic run android seems to work, but the app is not launched on the phone, why?

My phone is on and in debug-mode I have confirmed this with adb devices -l. When I run ionic run android, I get the output below Ionic claims that the application is launched, but nothing happens on the phone. I use a Nexus 5 with android 4.4.4. $ ionic run android add to body class: […]

PhoneGap Email Plugin

I am trying to use the plugin here This is the first time I have started to use Phonegap in Android, so the process is a little unfamiliar to me. So far I have added the .JAVA file to here “src.org.apache.cordova” I have added the .JS to the www folder and have referenced it in […]

Cordova Phonegap local notifications not working

I wanted to first say this is a really nice plugin (https://github.com/katzer/cordova-plugin-local-notifications) but having some difficulties getting it working. I am using an Android and Phonegap CLI. I have tried both CLI 5.0 and now Phonegap 3.5.0, this is my config.xml: <preference name=”phonegap-version” value=”3.5.0″ /> In my config.xml I have tried all these combinations: <plugin […]

Convert Ruby on Rails app to native Android PhoneGap app

I’ve been working on a jQuery mobile web app written in Ruby on Rails, and would like to make it available as a native Android app. I’ve setup the phonegap project to load my url, and everything seems to be working, but I’ve been reading that Google will reject the app if it’s simply a […]

css3 transform rotate3d with perspective not working on Android

I have a Web App that uses 3D transformation which runs fine in the Android browser on Android 4.1. However, the same app in a PhoneGap container results in a squeeze and expand animation and not a perspective 3D rotation. Is there a way to make it run in PhoneGap or does it use a […]

GCM – Rarely receiving topic messages

I’m using phonegap-plugin-push and GCM for push notifications on iOS and Android. The last three weeks I’ve had no problems what so ever. However out of nowhere it stopped functioning normally. I receive about 1/20 messages sent. I’m using GCM’s topic messaging. When I send a message I get a successful response. Object {message_id: <MESSAGE_ID>} […]

Phonegap(3.0.0) Camera not successful on first try

For testing purposes I copied the full example found on the phonegap camera API and I put an alert on onPhotoDataSuccess to test when the function is fired. On the first photo taken the alert will not show. However after the first attempt the alert will show after the photo is saved. Any advice? I […]

“java: package org.apache.cordova does not exist” when compliling Cordova in Android Studio

New to android dev world and am just getting started here, well trying to anyway. I’ve downloaded Cordova (2.8, might need to upgrade this), Java JDK (1.7), and the new Android Studio, the Andriod SDK, installed all the 4.x packages with that, and installed ant (1.9.2). Everything seems to be working as far as that […]

Facebook invite in phonegap returns OK

I need to be able to invite friends to my application on Android. I’m using HTML/js with Phonegap. The login with FB is working fine with the plugin but i can’t make the invite work. My code is: FB.ui( {method: ‘apprequests’, message: ‘test’}, function(response) { alert(“res:” + response); } ); I can select the friends, […]

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