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How to implement database in PhoneGap App ?

I’m new to this, and I am trying to build an app to be deployed with PhoneGap, to both Android and iOS. I am wondering how to link to a database which will store timetable data. My question is how to include the database so it can be packaged with PhoneGap. I have looked at […]

Why google play store is not showing the reason for device unavailability for app?

I am mobile application developer and working on native as well as Phone Gap also. I have build one application in Phonegap that work perfectly in device but not working in some of the tabs. That i found here as per the Google Play Store policy. But why they are not showing a reason that […]

Cordova ant jar not available

Cordova 3.3.0 installed from fresh and PATH fixed with visibility to tools etc. Build a new bare application Add android platform now it starts to go awry – Following instructions to import to Android Development Tools ( Eclipse ) I get TWO projects created HelloWorld and HelloWorld-CordovaLib HelloWorld has errors as it can’t see/does not […]

PhoneGap Android: How to force Application to use icons from asset\www\res instead res\drawable folder?

I have created new Android phonegap project using eclipse and put my existing WWW folder of my iphone phonegap project. I have all the icons and screen added for android device inside Android folder as show here.. and also added it to my config.xml For HDPI I have following icon and screen. assets\www\res\icon\android\icon-72-hdpi.png assets\www\res\screen\android\screen-hdpi-portrait.png When […]

How do I add “uses-permissions” tags to AndroidManifest.xml for a Cordova project?

Some <uses-permission> entries are added automatically to AndroidManifest.xml, based on cordova plugins that you add. However, I need the <uses-permission android:name=”android.permission.INTERNET” /> permission, which isn’t added automatically. I can add that directly to AndroidManifest.xml, but it will get overwritten the next time I run cordova build, and I don’t want to have to keep re-adding […]

Using navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition in WebView on Android 2.0+ (PhoneGap related)

I’ve been working with PhoneGap and it’s been great, but I’ve run into a problem with getting location on a Verizon Droid w/ 2.0.1 (works as expected on a G1 w/ 1.6). GeoLocation API Support was added to Android in 2.0 (Eclair) and it works in the default browser on a Verizon Droid (on 2.0.1). […]

Change default webkit on Apache Cordova – Android

In my team we are developing an application which is going to be played on tablets, the project has been largely developed and tested on Google Chrome. At this time we are inserting this webapp on Apache Cordova in order to display it as a native application on Android (and later on iOS), but the […]

Phonegap cordova android 'project already exists' or runtime error

I post here because this is driving me crazy. I’m trying to get phonegap to work so: I installed ADT bundle (eclipse+adt plugin + android SDK) -> by the way their really should update that phonegap getting started tutorial which is still telling you to install all of that separately but instead of android SDK […]

Not allowed to load local resource:file:///android_asset phonegap

I have a page hosted online accessed that page in my phonegap application but now i want to come back to my local files in file:///android_asset/www/profile.html but it gives me error: 08-21 14:08:00.324: E/Web Console(8304): Not allowed to load local resource: file:///android_asset/www/profile.html at null:0 How do I fix this issue.

Android PhoneGap Plugin, UI tabbar, resize WebView

I am creating a tasty PhoneGap plugin that hopefully will be opened up once it is ready.. The plugin is mostly finished, I just need a nice UI for user interaction. In a nutshell I want to create a “native” android toolbar component. Much how you would if you implement the PhoneGap UIControls Tabbar library […]

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