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Android Install apk using busybox command-line

I want to install apk silently in android phone, I have found this solution (Link), is how to install apk using busybox command line, but when i tape busybox install path/to/apkfile, it does not work, can someone help me by giving some examples please.

Compiling android apps on an actual phone

Hi I’d like to know how to compile an app source code on an android platform? I know it’s possible because I saw some apps that are doing it… Thanx ahead!

Generate apk name as package name in Android Studio

Android studio will generate default apk name as app-(release|debug).apk. How to generate apk file name same as package name of the app like com.example-debug.apk.

'Intent cannot be resolved to a type' error in eclipse

I am programming the first android tutorial in eclipse, and when compiling this code: Intent intent = getIntent(); it gives the error Intent cannot be resolved to a type How do I fix it?

How do I export an apk signed with the debug certificate?

The Android Tools menu in Eclipse only lets me export an unsigned apk, or one signed with my release cert. I need the debug-certificate-signed apk that Eclipse creates when I debug my Android app. Where is it? Thanks in advance…

How to target different Android architectures?

I am currently using the OpenCV (OpenCV4Android) library which does not use the NDK (there is no C or C++ code). However, there are .so files for armeabi, armeabi-v7a, mips, and x86. If I include all of these in the project, the app size is 30mb, whereas if I include only 1, the app size […]

How to recover Gradle files from APK file?

I’ve succeeded in recovering the Java files and XML files from an APK file using this tutorial but I cannot find the Gradle scripts( build.gradle, settings gradle, local.properties, etc.) I’ve created a new project and I had imported the Java and XML files but the project doesn’t work, I guess because of the Gradle. Does […]

Android Studio installs an APK for each module

I have an project, build with Gradle in Android Studio v 0.3.2. My project has dependencies to two other modules(android library). The project structure is well defined with build.gradle files. The problem is… when i run the project on an Android device, i get installed 3 apk‘s on my device. One is the main project(the […]

How to use and package a JAR file with my Android app?

I have an API in the form of a JAR that I would like to use in my Android app. Not sure if it should be part of the project in Eclipse or kept separate and added to the project properties. This JAR also needs to be packaged with the application, so how is that […]

How can I detect whether an Android APK has debuggable set to true or false in its manifest without installing it?

As the title says, I’d like to be able to find whether an APK has debuggable set to true or false on a computer without having to install it on the device, run it and see whether it shows up in DDMS or not.

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