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Android SQLite Delete row issue

I am trying to delete a row from a table but i have three WHERE clauses and i am not sure if i am using the correct statement. db.delete(DBAdapter.TableName, “Id=”+ Id +” AND WHERE QstnrId = “+Integer.parseInt(QuestionnaireId) +” AND WHERE QstnId = “+Integer.parseInt(QuestionId), null); I am almost certain i am not using the statement correctly. […]

Add custom view to the right of toolbar

I am trying to achieve this(A timer in toolbar with red background): I am trying to add customView in toolbar. It always end’s up being on extreme left just beside the back arrow. Like the text YP in image below is a custom Textview added to toolbar.. The code for toolbar: <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″?> <android.support.v7.widget.Toolbar […]

Differences between ItemizedOverlay and Overlay class

Can someone tell my when to use Overlay or when to use ItemizedOverlay class! What are differences between this two classes? Draw methods do the same thing? Can I use only ItemizedOverlay class in my project or I must use and Overlay as base class! Thanks

Android framework. What is it?

Possible Duplicate: Android framework I’ve few questions on Android Framework. Can someone please answer them What does an Android Framework do? What is it’s job? What are these managers – Activity Manager, Location Manager etc? Are they APIs or libraries? I heard that the definition of a framework is – a set of libraries that […]

Dagger 2 component dependencies

Is it possible to inject something into a module? I have 2 base modules / components: @Component(modules = {OkHttpModule.class}) public interface OkHttpComponent extends AppComponent { OkHttpClient provideOkHttpClient(); } @Module public class OkHttpModule { @Provides OkHttpClient provideOkHttpClient() { return mHttpClient; } } @Component(modules = {GsonModule.class}) public interface GsonComponent extends AppComponent { Gson provideGson(); } @Module public […]

Add search icon on action bar android

Good days guys. I have a search icon in action bar as image below When it is clicked, I want the action bar change to editText and has a search icon beside the editText I know how to make an editText with an image, but how to put the editText on the action bar like […]

When are ALL the cases when the onSaveInstanceState() method called?

All the sources I read have all mentioned couple of cases and concluded with “a few other cases”. What are ALL the cases when the onSaveInstanceState method called in a View/Activity?

Android: how to center view within column of TableLayout?

I am trying to create a TabeLayout with a grid of CheckBoxes. Across the top are 2 headers, and each additional row consists of a label and 2 CheckBoxes. I would like the table to fill all available space, the first column to be oriented to the left, and the CheckBoxes and their headers to […]

Android EditText: select all text while touch and clear when user starts typing.

I have a edit text in my app. When the user touches the edit text the whole text should be selected and when he starts typing text should be cleared. An example is browser address bar. Is there any way to do this?Please help me.

Project has no default.properties file!

This question already has an answer here: Project has no default.properties file! Edit the project properties to set one 22 answers

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