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How to programmatically install a CA Certificate (for EAP WiFi configuration) in Android?

My objective: Create an EAP WiFi configuration – including the CA Certificate – in Android programmitcally. Problem: How do I install a CA Certificate programmatically (and then reference that certificate in the EAP WiFi configuration)? I found a very useful link already that allows me to create and save EAP WiFi configurations here: How to […]

Open a numeric keyboard without forcing the EditText to be numeric only

I’ve come across this while doing work on creating my own Keyboard but can’t for the life of me remember where I ran across it. I want top open the Numeric keyboard. However, I want my EditText to only accept an IP address. Adding a filter to my EditText wasn’t too hard thanks to this […]

Android OBD-II Bluetooth API sample code not working

I need to develop an Android app that retrieves data from a OBD-II Bluetooth dongle. As first step, I downloaded the API from https://code.google.com/p/android-obd-reader/ and tried to run the Sample Application in it, but it didn’t work for me. Can someone tell me who used that API and where is the error on that code? […]

What is the best way to save the contents of an ArrayList?

I want to save an ArrayList so that it is persistent. The contents can change. What is the best way of approaching this in android?

How does noise cancellation work in android?

I came across this relatively old post which describes how impressively Nexus One’s noise cancellation works and I was wondering where can I find more information about its implementation in the OS software. In particular: How much of it is done using software and how much of it is done in hardware? Which modules in […]

Error When Stubbing Intent with Espresso

I have two applications that interact with each other through intents. I would like to verify that let’s say App A correctly calls the startActivity for App B without actually launching App B. I have tried various combinations of intending and Espresso still launches App B through the intent instead of just stubbing it out. […]

Set Android Dialog location

I would like my Android Dialogs and/or Alerts to be aligned at the very top of the screen sometimes and not simply in the center. Is this possible? How about giving exact x-y coordinates, is that possible?

How to create Cursor from JSONArray?

I have an adapter class which is extending GroupingCursorAdapter and constructor of type Adapter_Contacts(Context context, Cursor cursor, AsyncContactImageLoader asyncContactImageLoader). I want to use this same class for populating my ListView. I am getting data from one web service which is JSON. So my question is that, how can I convert a JSONArray to Cursor to […]

setCompoundDrawables with RemoteViews

I have an appwidget layout with a textview and an imageview. Lint always tells me to replace it with a compound textview. The problem is, how do I call setCompoundDrawables with a RemoteViews? is it possible? thanks. UPDATE: http://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=29249

Paste without rich text formatting into EditText

If I copy/paste text from Chrome for Android into my EditText view it gets messed up, apparently due to rich text formatting. The font size is totally messed up and not that big http://erikmi.tk/WaeG/image.png Is there a way to tell the EditText view to ignore rich text formatting? Or can I catch the paste event […]

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