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Android Market – Time to wait between two updates

I would like to know how many times I must wait to post an update for my application. I want to be sure that the update will appears in the “news” section of the Android Market.

Showing “open with” dialog on Android

How can I give chance to user to choose application for opening a link? For example, user has 3 browsers and he set Firefox as default browser. I want to give chance to open a link with Opera to user when user long click link.

Handle touch event for items inside Recyclerview – android

i’m building a simple recyclerview with custom layout (Text view and switch) and a custom adapter. My problem is i can’t handle the click event for the switch (Which make it toggle its state), i have built a touch listener for the recyclerview and it fires every time i click on the Switch. After a […]

Does RecyclerView.ViewHolder always have to be an inner class?

I have two RecyclerView.Adapters that are using exactly the same RecyclerView.ViewHolders as inner classes. I wanted to get rid of code duplication and made these ViewHolders free, separate class so the brand new class now can be used by any RecyclerView.Adapters. However I faced lots of troubles for example difficulty in accessing the adapter objects. […]

Android: Interrupt thread contained in a method

In Android Studio, I have a thread contained in a method like so(seen below) because I would like to restart the thread whenever it is called[1] ,(recreating the thread rather than restarting) public void callthread(){ final Thread myThread = new Thread(new Runnable() { @Override public void run() { for (int x=0; x<750&&!Thread.interrupted(); x++) { //using […]

How to get songs from album/Artist in android,using MediametadataRetriever?

First of all i am a newbie and secondly i know there exists a solution for “How to get songs from album in android?” but that is by using cursor and MediaStore and i have used MediametadataRetriever and its totally different i haven’t used hashmaps and all…..so its getting a bit difficult….please any solutions for […]

A list with multi-select Checkbox on an Alert Dialog?

I have been trying to get a list with some 10-12 items having a checkbox each on an alert dialog (i.e. when my activity starts). So far I have come up with the following code; it doesn’t have the checkboxes in it.So, how can I implement this? Any sample code or advice will be appreciated. […]

error: Logcat capture failed: spawn ENOENT

Starting Node Server info: Welcome to Appium v1.2.0 (REV e53f49c706a25242e66d36685c268b599cc18da5) debug: Non-default server args: {“address”:”″,”logNoColors”:true,”platformName”:”Android”,”platformVersion”:”19″,”automationName”:”Appium”} info: Appium REST http interface listener started on info: LogLevel: debug info: –> POST /wd/hub/session {“desiredCapabilities”:{“automationName”:”Appium”,”platform”:”Android”,”platformVersion”:”19″,”app”:”C:\\Users\\qadeer\\Documents\\NetBeansProjects\\convoTest\\app\\Convo.apk”,”platformName”:”Android”,”deviceName”:”01899dd5c94c237a”,”browserName”:””,”app-package”:”com.convo.android”,”app-activity”:”.ConvoMain”,”version”:”4.4.2″}} debug: Appium request initiated at /wd/hub/session debug: Request received with params: {“desiredCapabilities”:{“automationName”:”Appium”,”platform”:”Android”,”platformVersion”:”19″,”app”:”C:\\Users\\qadeer\\Documents\\NetBeansProjects\\convoTest\\app\\Convo.apk”,”platformName”:”Android”,”deviceName”:”01899dd5c94c237a”,”browserName”:””,”app-package”:”com.convo.android”,”app-activity”:”.ConvoMain”,”version”:”4.4.2″}} info: Starting android appium debug: The following desired capabilities were provided, […]

Rolling out update of SDK OTA

I have developed a SDK for android applications.We have many clients using this SDK in there applications.Now i have updated my SDK.I am looking for a way that these changes can reflect in there application without updating there app on play store.Urgent help needed.Any help will be appreciated.Thanks in advance.

Can't Debug Android Applications

I’ve tried to debug the android applications on emulator and than on the device as well but all the time I get the message “Wait for debugger – waiting for the debugger to attach to the process”. I really don’t know how to set the environment and the application in order to run the debug. […]

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