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Encrypt video on the fly from android camera

I want to encrypt video on the fly that android camera captures. So I need to tell android MediaRecorder to write it video stream to my CipherOutputStream. The problem is MediaRecorder.setOutputFile() method accepts only FileDescriptor and there is no way to get encrypting file descriptor from CipherOutputStream. So my question is how can I either […]

Get URL of video running in Youtube android app

I am trying to develop an app for myself, which will download the audio version of video playing in the Youtube App. I have figured out almost everything else, all I want is to get the URL of the video which is playing in the Youtube app. So, the question can be divided into two […]

How to Integrate Payment Gateway Feature in Android

How to Integrate Payment Gateway Feature in Android App, I have made a Shopping Cart App in which now i want to add Payment Gateway Feature, please suggest me… the best way to allow user to do Payments Should i need to use some readymade classes or need to import any Payment SDK….

How to add draggable icon with navigation drawer

My problem: I want to add draggable icon in navigation drawer. This icon combined with listview of navigation drawer when drawer open. see similar like this, What I have tried, I searched in StackOverflow like similar question this, Draggable drawer with a handle (instead of action bar) on top of other apps But all answer […]

How can I make my Cursor survive an orientation change?

I am trying to make my app rotation friendly, but I am having some problems saving the cursor. The cursor holds about 13k+ rows of data displayed in a ListView, and thus would take quite a while if I would do a requery every time the configuration changes. In my onRetainNonConfigurationInstance(), I am returning my […]

Twitter Bootstrap dropdown on ipad and android doesn't work even with the hack

I have a problem when I access my software on ipad and android. This is the html that doesn’t work on ipad. I can’t click on the sub-itens <div class=”btn-group”> <button class=”btn dropdown-toggle” data-toggle=”dropdown”>Export <span class=”caret”></span></button> <ul class=”dropdown-menu”> <#if print?exists> <li><a href=”javascript:print(‘${print}’);”>Print in PDF</a></li> </#if> <#if printList?exists> <li><a href=”javascript:print(‘${printList}’);”>Print list in PDF</a></li> </#if> <li><a href=”javascript:exportListAt(‘${targetList}’, […]

FTPClient corrupts the images while uploading to ftp server on android?

I’m trying to upload images to a FTP server (on my local PC) from Android Phone (HTC Desire HD). Images are going to FTP server but they are corrupted. And the method (ftpClient.storeFile()) throws IOException (Bad File Number) Please help me. This is the corrupted image link: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/820/komikb.jpg/ And this is the code: FTPClient ftpClient […]

Multiple dex files define Landroid/support/v4/ in android studio

I can integrate (add & work) with many libraries. But as for ActionBarSherlock library, I have so many problems with it. First Issue is the popular issue Multiple dex files define, I know The duplicated android-support-v4.jar causes it, but I can not solve this issue now : Error:Execution failed for task ‘:fitness:dexDebug’. Error Code: 2 […]

Finishing an activity from another class

I am working on an app that requires a permanent internet connection. If no internet connection is present I want the user to be logged out of the app (taken to the login screen). I have a network receiver class that detects network connectivity. I want this class to either terminate the activity on top […]

Android build error: unknown package filter

update: Might be of interest that I also got a similar error: “Error: Ignoring unknown package filter ‘extra-android-m2repository’” on this line: android update sdk –filter extra-android-m2repository –no-ui –force > /dev/null but I resolved that one by updating the sdk tools to rev. 23. The original error stays though. I have an Android build job running […]

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